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Over 200,000 users log in daily to make their days more productive and efficient. Every shop is unique in their needs which are why we offer two solutions. Watch the overview below to see the right E2 system for you.

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For shops & make-to-order manufacturers that:
  • Job Shops and Make to Order Manufacturers
  • Deals with constantly changing due dates/quantities
  • Job Schedule changes daily
  • Fits all types of shops
For the item based manufacturer that:
  • Highly Repetitive Manufacturers
  • Make to Stock, Firm and Planned Order Tracking
  • May have a product line, Needs Forecasting
  • High level of inventory control

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Is E2 Manufacturing Software right for my shop?

Shops of all sizes and types have turned to an E2 system to take their business to the next level. Since every shop is unique, it's important to Shoptech that your business is a good fit for either the E2 Shop System or E2 Manufacturing System. Click below to see some of the shop types using an E2 product.

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