Turn your screw machine shop into a well-oiled machine with E2 manufacturing software

Screw machine shops have specific needs that other job shops don't have. Screw machine definitely need a great estimating system. When you are estimating big quantities, you need your times to be as accurate as possible. Screw shops tend to do a fair amount of repeat work as well. Accessing that part history when quoting is critical to ensure profitability. Their customers are also constantly changing due dates, quantities and everything in between.

High volume job tracking with screw shop software

  • E2 has built in calculators to help you figure out how many parts you can get out of bar material. The setup time for your estimates gets amortized over the quantity break pricing, so you make the same profit margin on whatever quantity the customer orders.
  • The E2 order entry handles all of your release schedules, split deliveries, split jobs, changing due dates and much more. See exactly what inventory you have on hand and create the job all in one step.
  • Create purchasing requirements for your blanket orders. You obviously want the raw material showing up on your dock as you need it.
  • The powerful, yet flexible scheduling whiteboard allows you to schedule the shop floor realistically. Eliminate those pesky bottlenecks before they affect customer due dates.
  • Purchase material directly for the job. No need to keep expensive raw material out on the floor until you're ready to use it.
  • Ship the job out on time every time! E2 integrates with UPS world ship and Fed X so your customers can track their parts until they hit their dock!

Precision Machined Products Association

PMPA has been directly linked to the Industry since its inception in 1933, as the NSMPA - National Screw Machine Products Association. Created by a group of screw machine shop owners seeking to improve the standing of the Industry their mission remains alive and well today some 68 years later.

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Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME

Society of Manufacturing Engineers SME, headquartered in Dearborn, MI, is the world's leading professional society serving the manufacturing industries, SME influences more than 500,000 manufacturing executives, managers and engineers.

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Tooling & Manufacturing Association

Tooling & Manufacturing Association (TMA), TMA has grown into a 1,600+ member not-for-profit organization of precision metalworking, plastic molding, and supplier companies.

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The National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA)

NTMA is the national representative of the custom precision manufacturing industry in the United States.

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Listen to our customers

“E2 was able to improve not only our paperwork, but also our job costing. Now we're accurate down to the penny, instead of having to rely on ball-park figures and rounded hours.”

Kary Larsen
Kimberly Machine

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