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3 Ways Scheduling Software Can Help You Boost Revenue

How do you manage your shop schedule? Do you use scheduling software? Or do you have a simpler system, such as a whiteboard, a spreadsheet, or maybe even a bunch of post-it notes on the shop wall? If you have resisted the urge to invest in scheduling software, now may be the time to reconsider. Today’s customers don’t just want reliable, on-time delivery; they demand it. As you likely know, ne [...]

Manufacturing Software Blog

Do you know where your job is?

There’s one constant in every machine shop – change. You can have the most detailed plans and processes in the world, but if you can’t facilitate change, you’re going to have difficulty being successful in the manufacturing world. Nowhere is the ability to adapt more important than in your scheduling process. If your shop is like many, your schedule may change on a weekly or even daily [...]

Manufacturing Software Blog

Machine shop software: Does yours make the grade?

Your ERP software can make all the difference between delivering on-time and being profitable versus missing customer deadlines and losing money. And it’s not just enough to have ERP software. You also need the right software for your shop, and you need to utilize it to its fullest capabilities. The good news is you have options available. There are plenty of companies who offer ERP platforms fo [...]

Why bad job costing is killing your business

You see an email come through from a new customer. They have a job they need filled, and it’s a big one. They want to know what your best price is, as they’re in the process of collecting quotes from a few different shops. You need to give them your most competitive price because you may not get a second chance to bid. For many shop owners and managers, this is where things get a bit nerve-wra [...]

4 Tips to recruit and retain skilled manufacturing talent

It’s that time again. You have openings on your floor to fill. And to make matters worse, one of your largest customers is ramping up their production, which means you need all the skilled labor you can get. Needing help is a good sign because it means you’re busy. However, if you’re like most shops, finding the talent to meet your needs can sometimes feel like mission impossible [...]

3 Secrets to schedule more effectively and eliminate the chaos on your shop floor

How often are you hitting your customer’s delivery deadlines? One-hundred percent of the time? Ninety percent? Less than 80 percent? If hitting deadlines are a problem for you, don’t worry. You’re not alone. Many machine shops struggle with the challenges of meeting customer demands. And let’s face it – customers can be pretty demanding. They can change the order’s specs at the [...]

3 Reasons why you should buy machine shop software before the end of the year

It’s almost over. In just under three months, another year will be in the books. How has your shop fared this year? Have you met – or even exceeded – your goals? Or has it been more of the same? Have you barely met customer quality and deadline demands? Have you struggled to move product through your process in an efficient manner? By the end of the year, will you be in the black? Or [...]

5 Mistakes your machine shop makes everyday

Do you feel like your machine shop is in a rut? There’s plenty of work and you and your team are always busy, but still, you never seem to get ahead. It feels like there’s always a cash crunch looming or there’s always a crisis that you have to deal with. Sometimes you may even wonder whether the rewards of running your machine shop are even worth all of the stress and headache. Running a sh [...]

5 Reasons Why Your Shop Misses Deadlines

You sit down at your computer and see a familiar sight. It’s another email from another frustrated customer. They want to know when their job will be complete. When will it ship? What’s taking so long? How much longer? Do these questions sound familiar? Are you getting complaints from customers about your long turnaround time and inability to meet deadlines? Even worse, are you not getting any [...]

3 Easy Ways to Get Your Shop Floor Under Control

What do you see when you go out to the shop floor? Tools everywhere? Materials and parts laying around? Team members milling around, having casual conversations? Work piling up? You’re not alone. One of the things that makes running a shop so difficult is that you have to straddle the line between the office and the shop floor. After all, you can’t be in two places at once. At some point, near [...]