Put the power of information in the palm of your employees’ hands. E2 Mobile Shop allows your team members to access valuable shop data with a few quick clicks on a tablet.

What would mean for your shop’s productivity if your employees had quick access to any information they needed at all times? No more shuffling travelers and other documents between workstations. No hustling back and forth to the shop computer to double check job details or other data. With just a few taps on a tablet or other mobile device, your team members can instantly get the information they need to maximize their productivity.

That’s the power of E2 Mobile Shop. It offers all of the robust features in traditional E2 software but in a mobile-friendly package. With accessible dashboards, mobile responsive design, and intuitive navigation, your team members will get the hang of it in no time. All they need are mobile devices and a wifi connection.

With E2 Mobile Shop, your team members can access real-time data on important shop functions like:

  • Data Collection – Let your employees use their mobile device to clock in and out or input crucial job data.
  • Shipping – Stop running back to the office to generate packing slips. Instead, use a tablet to quickly create documentation. Print your forms, pack your product, and get it out the door.
  • Outside Services – Sending parts out for heat treating, painting, or some other service? Track your contracted work directly from your tablet.
  • Receiving – Every minute counts in manufacturing. Use your tablet to check-in supplies as they come off the truck. Instantly add parts to inventory and apply them to waiting jobs.
  • Inventory Adjustments – Combine the power of E2 Mobile Shop with barcode technology to instantly update inventory levels.
  • Inventory Inspection – No need to shut down the entire shop for a manual inventory count. Instead, give your inventory manager the power to directly update counts via mobile device.
  • Inventory Transfers – Need to reallocate parts between jobs, workstations, or storage bins? Make the changes directly into your tablet so counts are updated in real time.
  • Material Allocation – Assign materials to jobs instantly with just a few clicks. Update material counts so you can place orders when needed.
  • Stock Job Transfers – Do you make products to keep in stock? Update your stock inventory levels as soon as new products roll off the line.