Upcoming Online Events

Online tutorials offer a convenient way for you to learn about the E2 System at the time and location of your choosing. With the purchase of a full maintenance contract, you receive around-the-clock access to our library of recorded training sessions for the life of your maintenance period.

Here’s How It Works

Sessions launch directly in your web browser and are designed to provide information about specific areas of the software. With the ability to watch as many sessions as you want, as often as you want during your maintenance period, these recordings provide an excellent “quick reference tool” that can be used to increase your knowledge of the E2  System and shorten your time to implementation.

Upcoming Virtual Training Events


manufacturing software online trainingThe E2 Virtual Education Program provides an array of live courses on the use and functionality of the E2 Shop System that are accessible from the convenience of your own office. Each session covers a specific area of E2 and lasts approximately 2 to 2.5 hours, making them an ideal training solution for new employees and busy executives alike.

Hands-On Access

Unlike most online options that merely provide a passive demonstration, our virtual classes allow for direct interaction with the instructor and software using the same data you would use during our monthly classroom sessions. After watching experienced Shoptech personnel demonstrate the use of E2, students will have access to sample data where they can immediately complete class exercises from the session workbook designed to reinforce the concepts just covered; and since the instructor can see each student’s system while they work, there is no need to guess what you should tell them if you encounter a problem or have a question – they will be able to see for themselves!

Topics covered in our sessions include:

  • Quoting and Estimating
  • Order Entry
  • Purchasing
  • Material Handling and Inventory Management
  • Time and Attendance
  • Accounting
  • Plus more

Class Registration and Schedule

  1. Virtual classes are open to our Warranty and Renewal Customers in good standing. To do so:
  2. Go to the E2 Community
  3. Enter your user name and password
  4. Select the Virtual Training option
  5. Select the class you want to take and indicate whether you want 1 or 2 spaces for the class
    Please only request 2 spaces if each person will be attending at a separate PC.
  6. Enter the necessary information

Prior to the day of the session you will receive your unique login credentials for that class. On the day of the class, please allow at least 15 to 20 minutes prior to each session for logging in and ensuring there are no connection issues.
Classes will be viewed using a web browser, and it must support HTML5.

The following Browsers should allow access to the sessions:

  • Internet Explorer version 10 or higher
  • The most recent versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox

System Pre-check

You can test your systems connectivity using this link: http://shoptech.instructorled.training/precheck

  • Accept the default Data Center option and click Start

Upcoming Classroom Events

Courses are designed for new customers and outline how to get E2 running in your shop by focusing on the key elements of the software. Each student will have access to their own computer when attending class to ensure new users receive hands-on experience during group instruction and “Lab Times” to allow each person to enter information as required.
manufacturing software training
Monthly classes are held at our offices in Cincinnati, Hartford, Las Vegas, and Toronto.

Who should attend this class? Personnel involved in the overall implementation of E2 are encouraged to attend the Getting Started Class.

Who should not attend this class? Personnel that only perform one or two functions (such as estimators, order entry personnel, shipping personnel, etc.) should participate in our Online Virtual Training Classes as opposed to attending the Getting Started Class. Virtual Classes covering the key areas of E2 are offered multiple times each month at no cost for customers under warranty or on full maintenance. Visit our E2 Community for a schedule and the opportunity to register for classes.

Classroom Consulting for E2 MFG Customers
Due to the capabilities of E2 MFG, we do not believe customers would get the value they need from general classroom training. For shops wanting customized training, but prefer to go offsite, Shoptech offers classroom consulting at any of our four offices across North America. A trained consultant will lead a class specifically tailored for your shop.  The consultant will apply their years of experience and knowledge to set your shop up for success.  The use of the classroom comes at no cost; however, the consultant fee will be quoted on a per day basis.

Registering For Class:

To register for a class and view the upcoming schedule, login to the E2 Community .

Note: This course is geared toward new systems and new users. Experienced E2 users interested in advanced topics such as Scheduling, Quality, or shop-specific issues should consider other training options, such as a Customized Class or an Onsite Visit based on the level of your need.

*Disclaimer – The Dates Below Can Change At Any Time. Please Verify Classroom Dates With Your Implementation Specialist Before Booking Traveling Arrangements.*



DateCourse NameLocation
1/14/20 – 1/15/20Getting Started With E2Las Vegas
3/10/20 – 3/11/20Getting Started With E2Hartford
5/12/20 – 5/13/20Getting Started With E2Cincinnati
7/14/20 – 7/15/20Getting Started With E2Toronto
9/8/20 – 9/9/20Getting Started With E2Las Vegas
11/10/20 – 11/11/20Getting Started With E2Hartford


( Updated 09/25/19 )

Onsite Consulting

Shoptech consultants provide a variety of services to help customers fully integrate the E2 Shop System into their business processes. Your consultant can assist with the implementation and use of the software by evaluating your business and helping match E2’s capabilities with your company’s operations. Identifying procedural issues, process improvement, and the correct business/paperwork flow allows you to take full advantage of E2’s capabilities, giving you the full benefit of E2’s potential.

manufacturing software onsite training

On-Site consultation at your shop is tailored specifically to your needs. Your consultant works closely with you to identify issues to be addressed and will contact you to develop your meeting agenda and set the time when it’s most convenient for your shop to have someone working with your staff. We use your data in your own environment. You have virtually no downtime since employees don’t have to miss day-to-day responsibilities.

The consulting team has over 60 years of manufacturing, consulting, and training experience and offers the following services:

  • Initial Audit for E2 Implementation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Setting E2 Procedures to best fit your business
  • Audit Services to Review Procedures
  • Process Improvement
  • Advanced Implementation (Continued Education)

“Once we went through our on-site training, we were up and running in three weeks!”
– Don Rivers, E.R.W., Inc.