Job Shops

Streamline your entire operation with software from the job shop authority

The E2 Shop System is the total software solution that improves all facets of managing your shop floor and back-office.

Job shop software from the E2 shop system

Job shops come in all shapes and sizes and use all different kinds of material. They encounter a lot of the same problems as other types of shops: dealing with constant change, hitting customers dues dates, scheduling the shop floor and accurate job costing and tracking just to name a few. You need a manufacturing ERP software solution that can handle all of these situations with ease. The E2 Shop System is for everyone in your shop: from your machine operator to your accounting manager; from your shipping manager to your CEO. For estimating and scheduling jobs, maintaining quality control and building profits, to managing your entire operation, E2 brings efficiencies every step of the way.

A multi-faceted ERP software system

E2 manufacturing software solution has built in estimating calculators to facilitate accurate quoting. For the one of a kind job that you’ll never see again, the E2 manufacturing business software estimating function can help you look back at similar jobs to help you quote more accurately.

The bar coded data collection function of the manufacturing business software enhances the job tracking and costing function. Our ERP software solution eliminates those pesky time tickets.

The powerful, yet flexible ERP software system scheduling whiteboard allows you to schedule the shop floor realistically. See exactly where the bottlenecks are BEFORE they affect customer due dates with our ERP software solution.

Purchase material directly for the job. No need to keep expensive raw material out on the floor until you’re ready to use it. Set re-order levels for all of your material, tooling and miscellaneous items so you never run out of anything!

Job Shops Case Studies

  • Avenger, Inc. – Job Shop Ready to Grow by Putting in Place a Sound Software Solution
  • Guthrie Machine Works – E2 job shop software helps machine shop with customer service and connectivity
  • Hall Machine – E2 job shop software helps CNC lathe and mill job shop stay efficient and manage growth
  • Kehr-Buffalo E2 Job Shop Software Success
  • Turnbull Manufacturing – E2 job shop software helps Turnbull Manufacturing expand its business capacity