Dove Die – E2 manufacturer software is selected by stamping job shop with over 55 years in business

Dove Die and Stamping Company

Dove Die and Stamping Company is a metal stamping and tool and die building facility located in the mid-western United States.  Designing and building and tooling and gages are their specialty.  “We are progressive die specialists capable of supporting your medium-to-high volume production stamping needs.”  Dove has been in the metal forming business now for 55 years and continues to make their customers happy.

“We are a company that crosses T’s and dots I’s and have found that Shoptech is of the same nature.”-Peggy Andryszak,
Dove Die and Stamping Company

Why did Dove Die And Stamping Choose E2?

The sales process for Dove Die and Stamping Company was a lengthy one. They needed conference calls and two separate visits from E2 employees.  They also shadowed a fellow company that is using E2, and contacted the references provided for them.  “Doing this solidified our decision to purchase an E2 system.  We are a company that crosses I’s and dots T’s and have found that Shoptech is of the same nature,” said Peggy Andryszak.

The Results… So Far

Currently, Dove Die manufacturing software is running the Accounting, Purchasing, Data Collection, and Quality controls, all of which are running well.  They are also in the process of developing the Shop Floor Control, Inventory Management, and Estimating controls.  “Our IT Administrator asks many questions and often consults with the E2 Developers.  They listen thoroughly to our questions, take suggestions, and are honest in the system’s capabilities.  We have found ways to easily work within the system to glean our needed information,” Andryszak added.