Tooling Dynamics – Micro-Stamping Job Shop Chooses E2 After Exploring a Multitude Software Systems

About Tooling Dynamics

For over 25 years, Tooling Dynamics has been serving the micro-precision stamping world. Specializing in high-volume, precision metal stampings, we offer expertise working with very thin gauge metals (as thin as .001″) under extremely tight tolerances. Whether you need die design and development assistance or high-volume production runs, you can expect customer satisfaction. Offering stamping services from start to finish, all in-house, we deliver the precision stampings you need and the quality commitment you expect. Our expertise and capabilities has supported the electronic, medical, military, aerospace, automotive and solar industries

“We are nearing our first anniversary with E2 and would highly recommend their software to anyone looking to simplify their manufacturing process.”

-Robert W. Updike,
Tooling Dynamics, LLC

Why did Tooling Dynamics choose E2?

Since our inception we struggled with a software program that was more accounting oriented than process or manufacturing driven. In the early years as a small business it was adequate but as our company began to grow it lead to many assumptions and guesswork. Last fall we decided to make a change and began researching different software systems. Upon our review we found that for the value there was not a software system on the market better than E2.

The Results… So Far

“The training period was smooth and the actual transition to E2 was seamless. Since we’ve gone to the ‘user friendly’ E2 system the guesswork is now gone and our reports and month ends are handled quickly.