Manufacturing Software – Shoptech E2 Shop System

If your shop needs Manufacturing Software, then you’ve come to the right place. For a closer look at software that makes good sense for shops, tell us who you are on the form below. I’ll walk you through a quick overview of the E2 Shop System. You can see for yourself why E2 is the Authority on shop floor control.

Manufacturing Software for your shop that provides:

  • quoting
  • ordering
  • accounting
  • production
  • inventory tracking
  • quality assurance
  • shipping
  • profitability management

Manufacturing Software Is Shop Management Software.

Employee Tracking

Instead of keyboard and mouse, or worse yet punch cards, the E2 Shop System simplifies shop floor management. It uses a nice clean touchscreen interface, has no moving parts, and won’t get full of dirt or debris from your process. It’s a simple matter for an employee working on a particular machine to simply log in while they’re performing work and log out when they’re done.

This Mobile Manufacturing Software automatically records who is working on which machine, and in which process. It’s easy to calculate their efficiency and how productive they are. Furthermore it allows you to see which employee is most skilled with a given process, which will assist in future scheduling.

Waste Tracking

A handheld laser scanner plugs into the WorkStation terminal via a USB plug (a portable scanner is also available if your plant is Wi-Fi enabled). This means that each completed piece can be scanned and becomes part of the finished inventory in the system. At the same time, raw stock arriving at the WorkStation is recorded.

With a simple calculation, Output – Input = Waste, you can thoroughly understand the ultimate cost of a job. For example, making a 1¾” knurled post from 2 inch stock has 12% waste; if you were obliged to use 4-inch stock to finish an order, your waste on that piece could easily exceed 85%.

On-the-spot decisions may be up to the overseer or foreman based on customer need. The historical data base can ease such decisions in the future (i.e. This customer can tolerate a delay; that customer cannot.)

Job Costing

Waste tracking is certainly an integral part of your overall costing. It doesn’t end there of course. Every single order makes its contribution to the overall expenses of the company.

Every single wage, every single watt of electricity for the machines or the air conditioning or the lighting, every bit of natural gas for heating, rent on the property, insurance, employee benefits – they all take their little piece of the action. After all that’s taken into account, then you know what your profit is.

If you cannot track your costs then you are in financial limbo. Knowing that your material cost $100 and that you billed the customer $600 doesn’t necessarily mean that you made a profit! Facts matter.

Job Tracking

Customers fret – it’s part of life and you are not going to change it. When a salesman gets a call from a customer asking anxiously “Is my order done yet? Is it going to get here on time?” it should be a simple matter for them to tap out a query on their screen and know the exact status of the order. “Yes, ma’am” they reply. “Your order will be completed 1:30 PM, and we have a delivery truck scheduled for 2:15 PM. It should arrive at your Chicago plant by 8:30 AM tomorrow.”

At any stage of production, any authorized person should be able to query the process. No one should have to run out to the shop floor, inquire or search, or do a physical count in order to answer a simple question. Trust me on this: customer satisfaction and confidence will skyrocket when you can quickly allay their fears with fast, accurate information.

Accounting, Invoicing, & Profitability

You need to understand which of your customers is generating income. A 5% 10, net 30 account (meaning a 5% savings if the total bill is paid within 10 days, otherwise full payment required within 30 days) is better for you than a 2% 30, net 60 because the debtor is keeping your money for an extra month at practically no cost, and compromising your cash flow.

Broken down even further, you might see that 20 customers are individually responsible for 1% of your business profits. The same report might reveal you have one customer that is responsible for 16% of your business. There’s never any harm in trying to generate new business even with your smallest customers, but it makes the most sense to pursue additional business with your largest customers.

A 100% increase in business volume with a 1% customer still only amounts to 2% of your sales. A mere 25% increase in business volume with a 16% customer now makes them worth 20% of your sales. The E2 Shop System shows you where to focus your efforts.

As important as it is getting customers to order, it’s equally important to get them to pay. When an order is complete invoices are generated automatically to go with the shipping, as well as simultaneous e-mail billing. This is an element of your business you don’t want to overlook.

Data Collection

As mentioned earlier, we have vast computational abilities. Job Shop Software encompasses all the advantages of Manufacturing Software, scheduling software, Accounting Software and inventory control software. It shows us how to be more efficient, save money, and keep customers happy.

What is a point of having all this data if we’re not going to utilize it? It’s a tool like any other, so let’s put it to work.

Materials On Hand

Your inventory can be the most financially significant investment in your business. But with a good shop management system and the advent of JiT (Just In Time) delivery systems you can watch your expensive inventory shrink away to nothing. In a sophisticated system, as soon as an order comes in, an order is placed for the appropriate materials, from the least expensive (or fastest depending on your requirements) supplier.

By the time you’re ready to run the order your materials should be arriving at your Receiving Dock. No muss, no fuss, no bother.

We value our customer’s privacy. Shoptech never sells or shares customer information with any person or business. Shoptech will not contact you except in a customer service capacity as a result of information you provide on this site.

Customer Case Studies

Michelle from Rickard Metals, Inc.

Specialty: Aerospace / Defense

E2 Implementation Review


The screens and tabs are very similar, so using it is very easy. Many of the menus are very self-explanatory.


The inventory system is as robust as you want it to be and was very flexible with most transactions. The only knock would be that some functions are too flexible and allow the user too much freedom.

Product Quality

The service was very rarely interrupted and the performance is great.

Customer Support

Technical help was always available and very helpful.

Likes Best

The best thing about E2 is the ease of use and fairly straightforward implementation. It is a very powerful tool for the money. It’s a great value! The training staff and tech help are very supportive. The quality module was a great surprise and impressed auditors.

Likes Least

The least favorable portion of the software is the bland reports and difficulty with customized queries. The initial training was a bit superficial. The intense training in Las Vegas is definitely a must.


I definitely recommend that you ask a reference company that does work similar to your own to give their opinion of the software and even schedule a visit to review how they use the software. I found that companies were very willing to share their experiences with the software. I also recommend that companies ask very specific questions regarding the accounting interface with E2. It is quite robust, but does require some level of diligence with transaction entry.

John from Neubauer Fabrications, Inc.

Specialty: Job Shop

Have been using E2 a little over a year


It’s easy to switch back and forth through the software.


It meets our needs pretty well, but we do need certain needs that the software does not have.

Product Quality

I have not had any problems with the quality of this program.

Customer Support

I have not come across an issue that the support team could not handle.

Likes Best

The support is top notch. The ease of product.

Likes Least

wish it was more like Windows. It just reminds me of DOS. And it is very limited on making changes to fit the needs of our company.


As we started to look at different shop systems, we looked at four different companies. For a small manufacturing company, E2 fit our needs better than the others.

Karen from Ace Machine, LLC

Specialty: Industrial Machinery

I have just begun using the system


It is pretty much user-friendly. If you have used any type of system before, you should not have any problems. I am taking a couple of the virtual classes, so hopefully after that I will know it all!


The system seems to do everything I need. So far I have not had any issues. All of my questions have been answered.

Product Quality

The quality is great. You get what you pay for! The system works well.

Customer Support

I have never had a problem getting help. Everyone has been extremely knowledgeable and able to help me in very little time.

Likes Best

The technical support and sales people have been great. I am still learning, but haven’t had any issues so far. I’ve called for technical support quite a bit while getting everything set up, and they have all been extremely helpful.

Likes Least

I don’t like that I have to go through the estimating to enter drawing numbers. I would like to be able to enter this in the order portion. The majority of my customers have drawing numbers, so it would make things a lot easier for me.


The more you use it the easier it gets! I had not used any type of system like this before, but the more I use it the easier it gets.