Proto-Cast, LLC. Case Study

E2 manufacturing control software provides a totally integrated solution for injection molder

About Proto-Cast, LLC.

In 1959, Proto-Cast was started by several tool and die makers who had worked for Doler Jarvis.  At the beginning, tools and die were the only products, however several years later they expanded their services to making molds for the plastic industry.  As Proto-Cast continued to grow, they have added molding machinery for Injection Molding, as well as CNC machining equipment for the Manufacturing of injection molds for custom injection molding.  In 1999, the remaining founder of Proto-Cast sold it to investors and became what is now known as Proto-Cast LLC.

We were able to improve control of orders and communications to our customers from quoting and tracking production through the system.”
-Joe Gizara, Proto-Cast LLC.

Why did Proto-Cast Choose E2?

At the beginning of 2002, Proto-Cast LLC needed a system to integrate all the tasks they were looking to improve.  Productivity, with the way materials were ordered, accounting, production, and scheduling all needed a change.  After looking over several systems, E2’s advanced job shop software for plastic injection molding was the chosen one.  “E2 provided us with an economical way to update our information technology and get us a system that would be standard for all members of management,” Joe Gizara said.  Before E2 Proto-Cast was using several systems but the non-integration factor was a problem.  “The features that E2 gave us that improved efficiency included shipping to Accounts Receivable and the order entry purchasing integration that we wanted,” Gizara added.

The Results… So Far

The management at Proto-Cast could not be more happy with their selection with E2.  With the user friendly system, Proto-Cast was able to eliminate administrative costs due to E2 being able to do so many things for the shop.  “We were able to improve control of orders andcommunications to our customers from quoting and tracking production through the system,” said Gizara.  Currently, Proto-Cast LLC is working on the Job Costing function of E2 and that will only add to the joy E2 has already brought to them!

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