Shoptech releases new version of Webview

June 7, 2007

Glastonbury, CT – Shoptech Software Corp. is proud to announce the release of “Webview 7.1”, a CRM compliment to the E2 Shop System. The new and improved Webview allows for interactive communication between E2 Shop System users, their customers and vendors.

Communication is the Key

“The new Webview opens up a whole new world of communication for our customers.” stated Phil Hutchsinson, President and CEO of Shoptech Software. “The improved functionality empowers them to make better decisions in a timely fashion. “We like to think of our software as the most powerful tool in our customer’s shop. Webview makes all of their other tools that much better”.

More than Viewing

“The name Webview is a little bit of a misnomer”, stated Todd Harris, VP of Shoptech Development. “Users can actually send information back and forth through the customer and vendor portals; Documents can be attached on both the customer and vendor side. Vendors can update PO costs in real time so E2 Purchasing people can make decisions without having to wait. Customers are able to submit RFP’s and place orders on-line. “Webview is truly the next generation of Shop Management Software”, stated Todd. “And by developing in .NET technology from Microsoft, we were able to take advantage of the latest tools.

About Shoptech Software

Established in 1984, Shoptech Software is a leading provider of ERP business solutions for small to mid-market Custom and Make to Order Manufacturers. Shoptech is headquartered at 180 Glastonbury Blvd., Glastonbury, CT 06033 and the main phone is (860) 633-0740. Additional information regarding Shoptech’s products and services is available on-line at



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