E2 Shop System

Maximize Time and Profit with Simple & Accurate Manufacturing Estimating Software

Shop owners know, delivering accurate estimates is a vital element in ensuring their profitability. Inaccurate estimates often mean you’re losing money, wasting valuable hours and preventing your staff from starting new jobs. The E2 Shop System takes the uncertainty out of manufacturing estimating software, this system automatically:

  • Computes the cost to produce parts
  • Factors in pricing for multiple quantity breaks per part
  • Allows you to adjust profit margins at each quantity break
  • Allows you to create accurate quotes with the click of a button
  • Email or fax quotes directly from a workstation

Quick and accurate cost estimating software for manufacturing and job shops

  • Save Time And Money – Generate quick and accurate quotes with a single mouse click.
  • Create Detailed Estimate Recaps Of Labor, Overhead, Material And Outside Services – Manufacturing estimating software controls each job’s profit margins and/or selling prices to get that competitive job.
  • Deliver A “Quickie Quote” And Enter Updated Details After You Get The Job – Manufacturing cost estimating software offers flexibility to deliver quotes quickly and accurately.
  • Integrated Quoting Process Is Simple And Intuitive  – Fax or email your quote straight from your desk or workstation.
  • Each Quote Is Easily Customizable To Your Specific Project – Attach drawings, bitmaps, jpegs, or other files and then print them with the job packet.
  • Recall Information Quickly And Easily – Compare similar quotes or quote histories with the click of a button.
  • Know Which Quotes Turn Into Orders – See the gaps in your sales cycle so you can make improvements and close more leads.
  • Track The History Of Each Item And Part In Your Shop – Manufacturing estimating software provides job traveler forms that give part numbers, notes, delivery dates, quantities, part history and bar coding.
  • Improve Efficiency – Each workstation can have its own unique efficiency rate and scrap percentage specified.
  • Know Your Inventory – Materials may be allocated to the job during order entry to ensure inventory is accurately reported and available for each job.