Job Costing Software & Shop Floor Data Collection

Save time and money on your shop floor with job costing software. With accurate and seamless data collection, you’ll always know where you can reduce waste and improve efficiencies on your shop floor.

Accurately gather and analyze time and attendance information with E2 Shop floor data collection software. You’ll know your shop’s labor and job costs in real time, our job costing software seamlessly eliminates the expensive errors associated with traditional, outdated job posting methods.

Eliminate Costly Errors. Our manufacturing job tracking software accurately captures shop floor data instantly.

Shop Floor Data Collection allows you to instantly track time by employee, operation, machine, or job. You will have detailed information on how much wasted time and materials cost your business each month. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Stop guessing, and know for sure.

  • Track job costs ­ precisely see how much each job is making or losing your business in an instant up ­to the ­minute precision
  • Account for pieces and scrap ­ know how much material you have at all times, prevent unnecessary ordering delays
  • Eliminate hard­to­read manual time tickets ­ stop wasting time collecting and correcting manual time cards
  • Guarantee accurate job costing with bar­coded job travelers ­ fix inefficiencies by automatically tracking jobs, from beginning to end
  • Prevent time from being posted to wrong or closed jobs ­ our job costing software reduces confusion and expensive billing mistakes
  • Compare employee time in the building to time spent working on jobs ­ maximize employee efficiency and reduce wasted time
  • View routers, drawings and other attachments online ­ use our manufacturing tracking software to create a paperless shop floor & never lose a document again
  • Use Work Queue so employees can see the next job to run ­ cut down on worker confusion and reduce manufacturing bottlenecks

Data Collection gives you the flexibility to enter time using touch screen, time clock, manual or laser gun readers that precisely track employee and job routing information.

Handheld Wireless Entry Using Tablets!

In addition to being the best job costing software, the Data Collection module works great on PCs and IPads. Wireless devices can be used on the shop floor and are a great way to track real time labor. All you need is a wireless network or a 3G connection and you’re ready to go, right from the manufacturing shop floor! With Shoptech’s manufacturing job tracking software you will have the ability to clock in or out for time and attendance and also log on or off jobs for labor reporting up to the second!

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