E2 Shop System

Manufacturing Accounting Software

Simplify and streamline your accounting process with manufacturing accounting software

This is what it all boils down to – is your shop profitable or not? Of course, the answer isn’t always so simple, especially if you don’t have a powerful and easy-to-use accounting system.

E2 provides job shops complete control with manufacturing accounting software

Let E2 manufacturing accounting software crunch the numbers for you

  • Save time and eliminate redundant work with E2, as it automatically transfers data from your orders into your accounting system.
  • Produce more than 200 standard reports and even create your own custom reports.
  • Master your cash flow projections with robust accounts payable and receivable tools.
  • Print off checks in a flash.
  • Get an instant snapshot of your financial health with real-time balance sheets, income statements, cash flow reports, and more.
  • Empower your team with mobile access to the accounting module.
  • Link your E2 accounting module to Quickbooks to further streamline your process.

Manage your finances from anywhere with the E2 mobile accounting app

You can’t always be at your desk, in front of your computer. That’s why we created the E2 mobile accounting app, which you can install on any smartphone or tablet. The app gives you 24/7/365 access to your most important financial information, including your ledger, payables, receivables, income statements, and more.

Contact us for a demo of the app to see how it can give you more control of your financial picture.
Integrate E2 with Quickbooks for greater ease-of-use

Do you use Quickbooks? Do you and your team spend too much time manually entering purchase order information into Quickbooks? You can kiss that redundant work goodbye with E2 manufacturing software.

E2 seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks to give you an easy and convenient accounting experience. In fact, E2 is is Quickbooks Gold Certified. That means our software has gone through a rigorous inspection process with Intuit to make sure that the two software platforms work well together.

Automate your accounting process so you can focus on the bottom line. Implement E2’s accounting module into your shop today.

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E2 Manufactuing Software is a proud Gold Developer for Quickbooks accounting software