E2 Shop System

Manufacturing Scheduling Software

Accuracy and Precision Guaranteed

Bottlenecks are the bane of all manufacturing businesses.  This is no time to be fiddling with guesswork when scheduling jobs.  Your foreman may be a wizard, but one person cannot possibly keep track of every aspect of multiple machines, inventory, employee availability, due dates, or delivery schedules.  And no one could immediately reschedule all the production in the event of a machine breakdown to keep all your orders on track.

Our machine scheduling software can… Deliver on time, every time

Manage your scheduling precisely and accurately

Meet time frames and expectations with ease

Shoptechs manufacturing scheduling software allows you to meet all your delivery time frames for each job and every customer.  Your schedules have become more demanding, and it becomes even more important to use Shoptechs job production software to handle more jobs under tighter constraints than ever.  Knowing when the best-suited employee for a task is available, and coordinating that with free time on a machine is what we do best.  Optimization is the key to the whole game.

The Miracle of What-If

How many times has a customer asked, “If I give you the PO today, how soon will I receive my parts?  Shoptech’s MS system gives you the ability to plug in the proposed job and see exactly when it will be delivered, based on your shop’s current workload.   The What-If engine can also work backwards from a proposed due date.  It will tell you exactly when you need to start the job so you can deliver on-time, every time.  

Eliminate Scheduling Confusion

Track every job stage

Manufacturing is seldom a one-step process.  A part has to be cut, turned, polished, anodized, or painted; it needs to be assembled, or boxed, stacked, stored, packed, and shipped.  The last thing you need is partial inventory getting shoved in a corner and forgotten!

Shoptechs manufacturing scheduling software knows precisely where any order is within the process.  At any time you can pull up the schedule, and see each jobs priority, where it is physically located, and what stage of completion it is in at the moment.  Our MS software simplifies the entire process.