E2 Shop System

Material Requirements Planning Software (MRP) Automatically Manages Material, Reduces Scrap, Increases Profitability

Boost your bottom line with Material Requirements Planning Software

How much money do you have sitting on your shop floor in the form of unused materials? How much money leaves your shop every month in the form of scrap and waste?

Control your materials like never before

  • Minimize waste by using the software’s analysis tool to project the scrap on every job
  • Send quick and automatic RFQs to multiple vendors so they can compete for your business. Vendor competition equals lower prices for you!
  • Automatically tie purchasing needs to purchase orders, so you always order the exact right amount of materials.
  • Review production histories so you can manage your inventory for seasonal or customer changes.
  • Track vendor delivery and performance to further streamline your process.

Eliminate lag time in your production process.

No more holding off on jobs until the materials arrive. No more production delays while your team looks for the materials they need. No more sending money out the back door in scrap and waste.

With E2’s Material Requirement Planning module, you can control your purchasing process like never before. Order only the materials you need for the job at hand, so you can keep more of your working capital free. Request quotes from vendors in minutes and then track their delivery of their products. And deliver information to your team members so they can get started on the job as soon as possible.