E2 Shop System

Quickly turn quotes into orders with E2 manufacturing inventory software

  • Automatically Turn Quotes Into Orders, No Double Entry Required – This saves you time and frustration, allowing you to focus on what matters.
  • Flow Complete Bills of Material and Routers Into the Job Order – Track the entire manufacturing process seamlessly, each purchase order is tracked from beginning to end.
  • Post Finished Parts Or Material Directly From Inventory – You can easily keep track of all your materials.
  • Integrated Inventory Process – Automatically notify purchasing of any materials shortages with our manufacturing inventory management software.
  • Have Complete Control Over Each Order – Set up multiple releases for blanket order customers and time-and-materials jobs.
  • Easily Accommodate Changes In Due Dates And Quantities – Tons of flexibility so you can manage the needs and aspects of each job in real time.
  • Measure And Manage The Entire Scheduling Process – Automatically schedule jobs with manufacturing inventory software.  Whether backward or forward, infinite or finite, hit every start and finish date.
  • Print Out The Entire Job Packet, Bar-coded Router, Material List – Allows you full and customizable control of the documentation process.