Technical Support


The Shoptech Technical Support department is uniquely qualified to answer questions on all of our products and shops in general. Many technicians in the technical support department have worked in a job shop prior to joining Shoptech. When you call for support, you won’t have to worry about whether your technician knows what a router is. They are familiar with all the terminology of a job shop and have practical experience to back it up. No other job shop software company can beat that!

All systems that are delivered come with a free 6-month support agreement. This support program enables you to call our technical professionals in the rare event that you experience a system problem. When calling, we ensure that you will speak to a live person who can promptly and courteously handle your inquiry. You will not be sent to an automated answering system or be cued into a waiting list, we realize that you have a business to manage and want to make sure any problems you experience are promptly resolved.

You are entitled to the following during this
6-month period:

  • Unlimited toll-free calls to our technical support center
  • Free, unlimited upgrades to your software (when available)
  • Free Subscription to our monthly e-Newsletter
  • Free e-learning classes

Thereafter, you may choose a variety of support packages that best suit your needs and your budget. Support is available on an annual contract basis only.

Online help is available for the E2 Shop System. Login and try looking through our Technical Support FAQs Login Now!

You can still give us a call or FAX us too!

Support Phone: 1-800-677-9640
Monday – Friday from 8:00-8:00 EST
Support Fax: 1-513-794-7789