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Allis Tool has been delivering ISO Certified Job shop related solutions for over 50 years. Located in Milwaukee, WI they are in the heart of industry and have been exposed to a wide variety of specialty OEM needs, Motorcycles, Healthcare, Foods, and Power Generation Equipment. Consider Allis Tool as an extension to your tool room, machining department, or automation specialists group.

Why did Allis Tool Choose E2?

Allis Tool, like so many shops, has to keep pace with technology to keep its edge in the market. According to Steve Raasch, VP of Allis, the company began its search for a new shop package in 1999, when its DOS-based software became obsolete, and needed to be replaced. The search criteria were standard: find a manufacturing software package that was easy to use, affordable and would track a job all the way through the shop, from order to shipment to cost analysis. The solution was E2 - the software met all Allis' needs at a price well within their budget.

The Results... So Far

Steve Raasch is pleased with E2 at Allis Tool, particularly with the ability to track jobs quickly and easily, and with the job costing. "With the old system, we would run the job, ship it, then add everything up, and see if we made any money. Now, using E2's Quickview, I can track the cost of the job at every step along the way."

"E2 Tech Support is the best I've ever dealt with as far as response time - They are always quick to answer my questions. With some companies, I've had to wait a day or more."

Steve Raasch
Allis Tool

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