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Accu-Chek Machining Inc is a low to high volume production machine shop that uses the most up-to- date machinery. Located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, Accu-Chek's high standards for quality have never changed. Accu-Chek should be looked at for all machining needs.

Why did Accu-Chek Machining Inc Choose E2?

Before Accu-Chek implemented E2, everything, including managing tooling for jobs, scheduling jobs, and configuring production and daily rates, was done by hand. Those tasks, along with a package for accounting, payroll, and quoting, made everything very time consuming to pull together and soon became an overwhelming task according to David Fox, Sales Manager at Accu-Chek. "We looked over a lot of packages but a lot of them never had a complete package like the E2 system. With everything E2 offered and that it was compatible with our payroll package, we felt that for that kind of price we couldn't go wrong," Fox added.

The Results... So Far

Accu-Chek loves everything about E2 and their decision to choose them. "Being able to pull up any report you want almost any way you want is amazing! Our tooling inventory cost was very high before we used this system and now we are better able to manage it. Scheduling is a lot easier now and customers have commented how accurate we are able to be," Fox said. Fox went on to add how helpful the E2 customer support has been, even with the training at the beginning. "They keep us up to date and are very fast to fix any problems or help us in any way needed. We have been working with E2 for 8 years now and still feel it works very well for us," Fox ended.

"Being able to pull up any report you want almost any way you want is amazing! "

David Fox
Sales Manager Accu-Chek Machining Inc.

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