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The Client: Beverlin Manufacturing

A perforated metal tube sounds like a relatively simple concept, until you start asking for details: Square holes or round? At what angle from each other? How big are the holes? Plated or powder coated? These are only some of the questions faced by Rick Watson, owner of Beverlin Manufacturing. Beverlin ships tens of thousands of perforated metal tubes each month, each to a different specification than the last. Add a design department, welding services and secondary processing operations, and you've got a shop that needs shop management software in order to run efficiently.

Why Did Beverlin Choose ERP Software from Shoptech?

For owner, Rick Watson and Controller, Sandy Reed, modernization was a must. Working with hand-written time tickets and old DOS-based shop management software was not giving them the efficiency they needed to run the shop profitably. When shopping for new shop management software, Rick and Sandy looked for a windows-based package that was comprehensive, yet easy to use. They found that in the E2 ERP software.

The Results-So Far:

For Rick Watson and Sandy Reed, the changes that the E2 shop management software has brought to their shop are "unbelievable." From data collection to job travelers to accounting, everything has changed. Beverlin employees now spend less time sifting through hand-written time tickets and job travelers, and can now have instant access to information that is much more accurate. Their efforts can now be concentrated on production and quality instead of paperwork.

"I'm really impressed with the tech support I've received. Whenever I had a question about the E2 ERP software, they were always prompt to return calls, and follow through until my problem was truly solved."

Sandy Reed
Beverlin Manufacturing

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