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Hall Machine is a CNC Lathe Shop Management Software and Mill shop in San Diego. Owners Rick and Debbie Hall are committed to running an efficient shop that will meet the precise demands of its sub sea, aerospace and hi-tech job shop software customers in the most cost effective way. Hall Machine strives to gain repeat business from satisfied customers. To achieve that goal, they needed a job manufacturing software package that was not only efficient, but had the accountability to withstand the scrutiny of spot an inspection by Hall's demanding customers.

In September, 2000, Rick and Debbie Hall realized that their operation was growing too large to manage it with their home-grown quoting and shop management system. A series of spreadsheets, all requiring constant maintenance, did not give them the accuracy or the scheduling capability they needed to accomplish their corporate mission. Additionally, they needed a way to store and update the precise drawings that accompany their customer orders. After reviewing several systems, they selected E2.

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