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Calframax Technologies specializes in molds for both thin-wall and industrial plastic containers for the food and packaging industry. Adopting an aggressive strategy for providing on time delivery of reasonably priced, top quality molds, Calframax has grown continuously since opening its doors in 1995.

E2 Reporting Software Solutions

Calframax operates over 20 different machines in its Ontario plant. After looking at all the scheduling software available, our owner, Ray Little, has selected E2 machine shop software for its stronger database and reasonable pricing. We can plan for jobs still in the quotation phase, so he's always ready when orders come in. The powerful, yet flexible E2 reporting software system scheduling allows you to schedule the shop floor realistically. See exactly what we our software can do for you.

The Results... So Far

After working with E2 Tech support through the implementation phase, Ray Little reports that Calframax's shop operations run much more smoothly, and scheduling has become much more efficient. Accurate time and attendance information is readily available - he reviews it daily, and has a good handle on how efficiently the shop is running. Advance planning capabilities allow Calframax to concentrate on quality, rather than last-minute scheduling changes. Future plans for Calframax include implementing E2's accounting package, for a seamless and comprehensive software package.

"I particularly like the time and attendance features... we review them on a daily basis to see what we're working on, and can make good decisions based on the information."

Ray Little
Calframax Technologies

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