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QC Metal Fabricators, Inc. supplies prime-quality fabricated metal products to the automotive and RV industries, among others. About 25 employees work in the shop, which sees its mission as providing customers with quality products and services at the most affordable prices, "thereby supplying value." To increase the value given to their customers, shop management software was needed to give a higher level of productivity in the office.

Brad Stacy, general manager of QC Metal Fabricators, was looking for an affordable software package to ease some of the time-consuming paperwork he faces each day. Introduce the E2 software into his workplace environment and he experienced a more efficient solution - in minutes.

The Results of ERP Software Success... So Far

Brad Stacy estimates that he now spends only a fraction of the time he used to spend monitoring the quality and progress of the jobs in his shop. With his tailored shop management software system, he tracks his inventory costs more accurately and has streamlined his shipping process. All of the information he needs is readily available through his E2 software system. The efficient ERP software reports consolidate information from several different sources at the touch of a button for an optimal working environment.

"I think E2 helps me compete because it keeps our overhead down. Instead of having to hire more staff to pull reports, we're letting the software do it."

Brad Stacy
QC Metal Fabricators

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