ClickFold Plastic Case Study

ClickFold Plastics – E2 manufacturing control software offers insight into cycle and setup times

About ClickFold Plastics

ClickFold Plastics is a plastic fabricator employing a unique zero-tooling process that allows us to manufacture custom plastic enclosures and parts without hard tooling. Eliminating the need for costly molds makes us an attractive source for buyers that need smaller volumes of custom parts or housings for medical, industrial, and wireless equipment. We strive to be our customers’ first choice for custom plastic parts and plastic related engineering services. Our focus is on fast and simple product development, prototyping, and cost effective production. Our systematic design approach and unique mold-less manufacturing process allow us to fabricate superior plastic parts faster than anyone else.


“As we grew in size tracking the flow of parts became a serious problem and we experienced a surge in rejects. E2’s bar-coded job traveler solved this problem!”
-Patrick Oltmanns, CEO & Founder, ClickFold Plastics


Why did ClickFold Plastics Choose E2?

Being a just-in-time supplier of small volumes of custom parts is a logistical challenge. Since we machine and form parts directly from our CAD files there are no traditional engineering drawings on our shop floor. As we grew in size tracking the flow of parts became a serious problem and we experienced a surge in rejects – mostly because process steps had been missed. One of E2’s job shop software features is a bar-coded job traveler which helped solve this problem.

The Results… So Far

“In addition to ensuring the execution of all steps the data collection via bar-code has given us valuable insight into cycle and setup times that weren’t readily available before. We are now phasing in the use of E2’s scheduling tools to optimize machine and personnel usage and we are excited about the efficiency improvements that we were already able to achieve.”