M&S Precision Machine Inc. Case Study

E2 machine shop software and customer insights impress company during vendor review

About M&S Precision Machining, Inc.

M&S Precision Machining, Inc. is a contract manufacturing company and a leading provider of machining services, with customers from a wide range of industries. From automotive to plumbing, M&S serves them all. Since the company started in 1995, they have grown steadily, earning a reputation for attention to detail, on-time delivery, and above all, quality. M&S Precision Machining, Inc. The statement “Our environmentally friendly, climate controlled facilities allow us to provide the machining solution that best fits your needs,” Is something that has not changed since the start.


The personnel here at M&S are excited about what E2 can do for us and look forward to growing with the E2 Shop System for many years to come.”
-Rick Bevington, M&S Precision Machine Inc


Why did M&S Precision Machine INC Choose E2?

M&S were looking to upgrade their manufacturing software system, however the managers wanted to see what else was out on the market. After looking at several major companies they scheduled a demo with E2 machine shop software. Rick Bevington, IT Manager said, “Immediately after the demo, we got together and discussed the presentation. Everyone in the room was so impressed that the decision was made to switch to E2. It appeared to us that the software was created by people that understood the business we were in.”

The Results… So Far

Rick Bevington has been very pleased with the switch. “The on-site training classes we attended were very thorough and have provided us with the many ideas about how to perform several tasks that we were not necessarily doing before. The support personnel at Shoptech have went above and beyond to make sure that we understood the software and helped us with any transition problems we encountered.” The change has put management’s fears behind, as they know they can trust E2. “The personnel here at M&S are excited about what E2 can do for us and look forward to growing with the E2 Shop System for many years to come,” Bevington concluded.