In these modern times it is shocking to find businesses still struggling along with “Silo” Business models. The whole concept of discrete departments jealously guarding secrets is counterproductive. The problem is often with the sheer inertia of “This is the way we’ve always done it”, instead of synergy.

If execs don’t buy into the shared information system, people work at cross purposes, waste resources, and actually sabotage the achievement of company goals. This has been disaster for many companies.

To alleviate this problem we need to do away with the silo system altogether. Departments need to be horizontally integrated; they need to share the same data; to know the state of the company; to see progress towards goals so they can tune their efforts to enhance efficiency.

Is E2 Manufacturing Software right for my shop?

Shops of all sizes and types have turned to the E2 Shop System to take their business to the next level. Since every shop is unique, it is very important to Shoptech that your business is a good fit for our software. Click below to see just some of the shop types using the E2 Shop System.