JobBOSS² Information
JobBOSS² Information
JobBOSS² Information
JobBOSS² Information

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Shoptech now offers multiple apps available for Apple and Android devices. Allow your team to access the Data Collection Module, inventory and part details from their workstation. The JobBOSS² Employee DC Mobile App and the JobBOSS² Touchscreen Tablet App give you real-time tracking on the shop floor.

All Kinds of Shops Have Turned to E2 For Their ERP Needs....

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The JobBOSS² System is ideal for job shops, make-to-order manufacturers, job-based and mixed-mode manufacturers. Available as an on-premise or cloud solution, the JobBOSS² System works well for one-off to repeat orders. Get the flexibility to handle changing customer due dates and job schedules.

The E2 Manufacturing System is ideal for mixed-mode manufacturers, repetitive and discrete manufacturers. Available as an on-premise or cloud solution, the E2 Manufacturing System works well for discrete orders, sales orders, forecasted, stock, EDI and planned orders. Get the flexibility to handle product lines and complex multi-level BOM structure.


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E2 Shop is Leveling Up

The Next Evolution in Job Shop Management Is Here

E2 Shop is evolving and joining forces with another industry-leading, homegrown job shop management platform, JobBOSS. The combined solution, JobBOSS², will give shop owners even more control over how they scale their businesses, grow revenue, and maximize profitability.