Marketing can be complicated, and most people who run a job shop don’t have lots of time to spend on it. Let your customers market your job shop! Potential customers are more likely to trust customer reviews than advertising. Some of the best ways to have customers do the marketing for your job shop are word of mouth, online reviews, and case studies. 

Word of Mouth 

Are you more likely to believe a friend telling you that a business is good or an ad? If you’re like 92% of consumers, you’re more likely to believe a friend. Word of mouth is powerful, and the only way to get it is to have happy customers. The great thing about word of mouth is that it tends to be localized. If you have some great customers who love your shop, they’re probably going to talk about it to their friends who need to get work done from your shop. Those friends are probably similar to your customers, so your shop can earn more by having one great customer. Your shop could consider a referral bonus if someone brings in a new customer. 

Online Reviews 

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Online reviews are the second most trusted form of information about a business, with 70% of global consumers saying they trust online reviews. If your business serves a larger area or wants to expand your customer list, online reviews are a great way to do that. While online reviews do come from strangers instead of friends, potential customers still see them as more trustworthy than ads because reviews will talk about the good and bad experiences people had, while ads, by their nature, only talk about the good things. 

There are many different places your shop could get reviews, like Yelp, Google Business, or other sites. Try to find websites where people like your customers are and then ask your customers to review your shop on those websites. You may already have some reviews up on these sites, so it’s a good idea to look for them periodically. 

Case Studies 

Your shop can’t control word of mouth or online reviews. That’s what makes potential customers trust them, but it can be difficult to get customers to talk about your shop like this. Case studies are a great way to show a story from a happy customer, and it can be easier to publish case studies on your website. 

If you’d like to have case studies about your shop, you just have to ask. Call up a few of your best customers and ask them if they’d be willing to talk about your shop and the experiences they’ve had. Depending on what kind of review you want for your final product, you could interview them in person, over the phone, email, or video. If you choose to interview customers over the phone or in person, make sure you record your call to quote your customers directly. Having quotes from your customers is what makes case studies trustworthy, so you’ll want to be sure that anything important is in your customer’s words. For example, if your shop prides itself on getting jobs out on time, try to get a quote from your customer saying how much they love that. 

Potential customers have seen ads their whole lives. They know that ads will only show the best parts of a business. That is why hearing from real people is so powerful. They will share their actual experiences with a business, the good and the bad. These experiences are most likely to convince someone to work with your shop or a competitor. Make sure your shop gets the most out of its happy customers by asking for reviews, referrals, and case studies. Your shop could be the perfect fit for a potential customer, but they’ll never know unless they know about your shop and what its strengths are.

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