Marketing your job shop is crucial. How else will you get new customers? But it can be time-consuming, and if you’re already running a job shop, you don’t have time to try every marketing craze. Below are four easy things your shop can start doing today to market more effectively and bring in more customers. 

Don’t Leave People Guessing 

marketing your job shop

There are some things your job shop does better than others. Maybe you can work to very small tolerances or with unusual material. Make sure that your audience knows about that when you’re talking about your shop. This applies not only to ads but things like your website or social media. Talking about what specific thing makes your shop great will make you stand out, and it will mean customers with the right kinds of jobs will have an easier time finding your shop. 

Keep a Balance 

You don’t want your shop to put all its eggs in one basket. If most of your jobs come from one customer or one industry, you could be in trouble if something happens to that customer or industry. However, you don’t want to take on jobs that your shop can’t do well or profitably. It’s important to maintain a balance between working on jobs that fit your shop and keeping your customers diversified. And it’s easier to keep this balance if you’re bringing in more customers. 

Take the Initiative 

There’s nothing wrong with taking the initiative. If you’re getting a new order from a customer, and there’s a part that commonly matches with the job they’re giving you, consider asking them if they need that part as well; keeping in contact with the customer after the sale is also huge. Since they’ve worked with you before, you’ve both had a chance to vet each other. Don’t be afraid to call or email your customers and ask if there’s anything you can help them with. You might be surprised by what they say. 

Make Mutually Beneficial Connections 

Sometimes, it’s not what you know but who you know. However, having these connections shouldn’t just be about helping your shop. If you help each other out, the connections are much more valuable. For example, if you finished a job for a customer and they’re happy with it, they’ll tell others in their industry about your shop and how great you are. You both win because they got their job done well, and you’ve obtained some free advertising from a trustworthy source. 

Bringing in new customers is crucial to keeping your shop open. With the tips above, it should be easier to not only bring in more customers but the customers who have the kinds of jobs at which your shop excels. Marketing your job shop well is one part of running it effectively. 

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