Choosing new ERP software can be a long process, and after you’ve chosen your software, you want to make sure your employees use it. Even if you’ve picked the right software for your shop, you may end up not using that software you spent so long picking out if you don’t have a plan. Read below for our list of five ways to make sure everyone in your shop uses your new ERP software. 

Get buy-in from all levels 

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Whether it’s someone at the top who decides your shop needs ERP software, or it’s something that folks on the floor have been lobbying for, you need to make sure that people at every level want your shop to get and use ERP software. If people don’t like the system, they won’t use it. If the people at the top don’t think the shop needs software, they won’t be prepared to spend the time and money to get the right one, and then no one will want to use it. However, if most people at all levels of your shop think ERP software would be helpful, it will be much easier to get the right software and have people start using it. 

Give everyone a voice 

Sometimes people get worried about bringing in ERP software. If there is a group of naysayers in the shop, put the leader of this group on the committee to pick out the new software. Getting a diverse array of voices on the committee makes sure that you consider everyone’s needs when picking out the software. And it shows the people who are worried about ERP software that you are taking their concerns seriously. Having their opinion taken seriously will make them much more likely to give the ERP software a try when you get it. 


People worry about bringing in ERP software because they don’t know what it means for their job. The easiest way to put these worries to rest is to tell people what the impact will be. Will it make it easier to find data? Will it make them faster? Will it cut out tedious parts of their job, so they have more time to spend on other things? Will it mean that you can send more jobs out on time and cut down on overtime? If people in the shop know what to expect from ERP software, there’s less for them to be worried about, and they can start thinking about how it will fit into their jobs. 


No matter how much people like the software, if they don’t know how to use it, they won’t. You’ll need to make sure you train everyone on how to use the new ERP software. Maybe that means you send everyone off to get trained by the vendor, or perhaps one or a few people, and then make time for them to teach everyone else. There are many ways to make sure you train everyone in your shop on your ERP system. Your vendor will probably have several training options. The important thing is to figure out what works for your shop and make it happen. 

Check-In with the vendor 

One of the great things about technology is that we’re constantly finding new ways to improve it. Check in with your vendor periodically to see what else your ERP software can do and how it can benefit your shop. If your software is cloud-based, then you may have new capabilities you don’t know about. Alternatively, if your shop has made some big changes, there may be aspects of the software that fit your needs better now than they did before. Either way, checking in with the vendor and reading their documentation about upgrades can help you get the most out of your software long after implementation. 

Before you buy ERP software, it’s helpful to know what you need and plans for when and how your shop will start using it. Planning makes the whole process much easier. Looking for a guide to how to buy the right ERP software?