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Benefits of Job Time Tracking Software

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Time is money.” Nowhere is that truer than on the shop floor. The longer a job takes, the more it costs to run, which means that tracking this time is critical. To get the most accurate numbers, consider job time tracking software. Often the part of an ERP system, job… Reads more »

Cost-Estimating Software 101

cost-estimating software

In an ideal world, every price you quote would be accurate and your shop would always have a high profit margin. However, that sometimes isn’t the case. Quoting jobs can be difficult to do by hand, and having a quick way to look up previous, similar jobs would make it much easier. This is where… Reads more »

Welcoming Gen Z to Your Shop

Gen Z in Manufacturing

There is an array of articles about Millennials in the workplace. Now, another generation is coming of age. Gen Z (whose members were born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s) are the “new kids” in the workforce. Fortunately for manufacturers, there are some similarities between what Millennials and what Gen Z want in a workplace…. Reads more »

An ERP System That’s Just Right

ERP system right fit

You’re probably familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks tries the bears’ oatmeal, chairs, and beds throughout her tour of their house. She’s looking for the one that’s not too big or too little, but is just right. Looking for an ERP system is kind of like that. Some systems are… Reads more »

The Difference Between an MRP System and an ERP System

While looking at ERP systems, you may have come across information about MRP systems. It can be hard to know which one your shop needs and even harder to find out the difference between them. The reason it’s hard to find the difference is that one is an evolution of the other. MRP and MRP… Reads more »

An ERP System: The Manager Your Shop Needs

reduce paperwork with ERP system

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend less time on paperwork? You’ve got enough on your plate without having to create every report or email every customer. You can’t delegate this to someone on the shop floor, and your office staff is already busy. What you need is a middle manager, or software, that… Reads more »

3 Steps to a Great Employee Training Manual


Training employees has become more important than ever before. As more Baby Boomers either retire or cut back on their hours, employers hire more workers to take their place. However, it’s difficult to find new hires experienced in manufacturing. That means they need training, and training a new employee correctly and quickly is key in… Reads more »

How an ERP System Creates Value

creating value

Everyone knows that ERP systems create value for the shops that use them. It’s hard to know how, exactly, that value is created before owning an ERP system. Fortunately, three shops using E2 Software were willing to share their experiences and how their ERP system has helped their shop. These shops found that E2 made… Reads more »

How to Choose the Right ERP Software

These days, it’s become a necessity for a shop to have an ERP system. Customers demand it because it guarantees the quality and timeliness they expect. Shops are finding that they need it for everything from tracking their jobs to quoting them accurately. Once you realize you need an ERP system, how do you find… Reads more »

Shoptech Expands Corporate Headquarters

Hartford, CT, February 19, 2019 – The theme for 2018 at Shoptech was growth. One example of this growth was in Shoptech’s corporate headquarters in Connecticut. Shoptech doubled the size of this office to prepare for more new hires. The expansion primarily added more office space, but it also increased the size of the break… Reads more »

Shape Up Your Shop with an ERP System

ERP Scheduling System

It’s hard to run a shop when you’ve got too much work and you need to keep everything on time. It’s also hard to run a shop when you don’t have enough work and you need to figure out how to get more. In each instance, ERP software can be what makes the difference for… Reads more »

3 Traits of Great ERP for Repetitive Manufacturers

Everyone can agree that ERP software makes it easier to run a shop. However, it has to be the right kind of software for your shop, otherwise, everything becomes more difficult. For example, a job shop where every order is unique would need different strengths in their ERP software than a repetitive manufacturer. E2 Software… Reads more »

How to Be a Great Leader in Manufacturing

Running a shop comes with all kinds of challenges. While working in a shop can help prepare you for how things work on the shop floor and how to manage the company, it’s much harder to learn how to be a great leader. Below are three practices of great leaders in the manufacturing world. Hire… Reads more »

E2 and QuickBooks: An ERP Partnership

Often, when shops are looking at getting an ERP system, they have some solutions that already work for them. While an ERP system can take care of most aspects of manufacturing, sometimes shops have grown attached to their accounting software, which is seen frequently with QuickBooks users. Shoptech continues to see benefits in helping users… Reads more »

3 Great Things about ERP on the Cloud

When hearing about something great, it can be hard to picture yourself there. For example, you may have heard wonderful things about a local theme park, but it’s hard to know how fun it will be until you’re there. You might not decide to go until you hear from some of your friends how great… Reads more »

Shoptech Named Market Leader in the Winter 2019 Manufacturing ERP Software Customer Success Report

Hartford, CT, January 9, 2019–Shoptech has been named a Market Leader in the Manufacturing ERP Software category for the Winter 2019 Customer Success Report published by FeaturedCustomers. FeaturedCustomers is the leading customer success content marketing platform for B2B business software & services helping potential B2B buyers make informed purchasing decisions through vendor validated customer success… Reads more »

Shoptech Named Manufacturing FrontRunner

Hartford, CT, January 4, 2019- Shoptech Software is honored to once again be among one of Software Advice’s  FrontRunners. Software Advice analyzes their data every year to find which manufacturing programs users have rated highly based on user recommendations and usability. The highest ranking in both of these categories are named FrontRunners. Shoptech works hard… Reads more »

On-Premise vs. Cloud-Based ERP System

When you’re looking to buy an ERP system, there’s a lot you have to consider. You need to know what you want the software to accomplish and what improvements you want to make in your shop. You need to decide which software company to pick. You also need to decide whether you want your software… Reads more »

How to Bring in New Customers

The idea of marketing your shop can be intimidating. After all, big companies have entire marketing departments to promote your business, while you might be on your own. Instead of worrying about “marketing,” here are three steps to get people to speak positively about your shop and bring in new customers. 1. Pick Your Strengths… Reads more »

Section 179: A Shop’s Best Friend

There are many reasons that this is the most wonderful time of the year. Of course, the holiday cheer is infectious, but for manufacturers, it can mean finding unspent money in the yearly budget. In addition to this possibility, the deadline is fast approaching to make any purchases that can be used for tax deductions…. Reads more »

Shoptech Stands Out From the Crowd

There is no doubt that an ERP system can do great things for a shop. Using this technology can save shops time and effort and let them run far more efficiently. However, in order for an ERP system to live up to its reputation, it has to be backed by an excellent vendor. Shoptech has… Reads more »

Small Shop, E2 & VIDEO GAMES

This story starts as most do…small shop grows, implements modern technology, experiences more growth and is thrilled with the hurdles they’ve been able to overcome due in part to E2. But, while most shops would continue to strive for more and more sales, there’s a small CNC shop specializing in the aerospace industry in Van… Reads more »

3 Ways to Fill the Skills Gap

We all know it’s coming. The skills gap is an unfortunate side effect of the “silver tsunami.” More baby boomers are retiring from manufacturing than new hires are coming in to replace them, and those new hires don’t have the same skills and years of knowledge the baby boomers do. One of the biggest problems… Reads more »

4 Things Millennials Wish Your Shop Would Do

Millennials in your shop

As more baby boomers begin retiring, the percentage of millennials working in manufacturing is only going to increase. With unemployment so low, the job market is becoming more competitive, so it’s up to manufacturers to make their shop as appealing as possible, and it will be most helpful to appeal to millennials. While not every… Reads more »

Scheduling: Your Shop’s Superhero

Scheduling can be one of the most complicated parts of running a shop. Each job is just a little different, particularly if you’re running a job shop. That can make it hard to schedule and make sure that each job finishes by the due date. This process gets even more complicated when you’re trying to… Reads more »