The Software Your Shop Needs to Succeed

shop partner

There are many things you can try to make your shop succeed. However, your shop can’t succeed if your employees have to wrestle with outdated software. The software’s purpose is to assist your shop. If used effectively, it will become like a partner to your shop and help it grow. E2 has been this partner…

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E2 Makes Lean Manufacturing Possible for Job Shops

lean manufacturing

When you start looking at ways to make your shop more efficient, lean manufacturing is one of the first strategies that come up. Lean manufacturing is a strategy to eliminate waste from your shop. Waste can come in the form of wasted time or resources. Job shops typically find it difficult to use lean manufacturing…

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Machining and Enjoying Your Work

Delegating Work

It’s likely that you chose to work in manufacturing and run a shop because you want to. However, while you enjoy some parts of your job, there are other parts that you probably don’t enjoy. There’s a lot that goes into owning a shop and not all of it is fun. Thankfully, there are a…

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4 Ways to Grow Your Shop

growing shop

When you think of growing your shop, you probably think about getting more square footage. Sometimes this is the best move for your shop, and sometimes it isn’t. However, there are several ways to find growth in your shop and not all of them involve moving or building an addition. Four ways to grow your…

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Why Your Shop Needs Quality Software

quality software

When you don’t have too many jobs, it’s easy to keep an eye on the quality of your products, but when you start getting more jobs, it becomes more difficult. You need to make sure that everything that leaves your shop meets your standards, but without some sort of quality tracking software, this can be…

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How an ERP System Can Save You Money

save money with software

You probably know that an ERP system can make your shop more efficient. However, did you know that it can also save your shop money? An ERP system can have a great impact on your bottom line by allowing you to eliminate work, work more quickly, and accurately quote and schedule. Eliminate Work Many shops…

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The Online Solution for your Shop

E2 MFG Online

Times are changing and so is software. The shift from on-premise systems to flexible, hosted solutions is the direction that the software industry is moving. Shoptech, home of the E2 Shop and E2 Manufacturing Systems, is keeping up with these changes. Managing your business can be easy with E2 MFG Online. Shoptech has partnered with…

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Keep your Shop Informed with the Monitor Application

Have you been looking for an easy way to keep your crew on the shop floor informed? Shoptech has come up with a solution that would stop you from having to run down to the floor to deliver news, updates, schedule changes, etc. The Monitor Application is a standalone program, included with the purchase of…

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How to Avoid Implementation Failure: Company Buy-In

employee buy-in

When you make a decision as big and important as buying an ERP system, you want to be sure everything goes right. You need support from all levels in the shop to get the right ERP system and for it to work as well as possible. This support is a big part of avoiding implementation…

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How an ERP System Creates Value

software creates value

Everyone knows that ERP systems create value for the shops that use them. It’s hard to know how, exactly, that value is created before owning an ERP system. Fortunately, three shops using E2 Software were willing to share their experiences and how their ERP system has helped their shop. These shops found that E2 made…

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Shop Productivity: Could an Employee Wellness Plan Benefit Your Shop?

shop productivity employee wellness plan

With an aging workforce and health care costs continuing to rise, it’s no wonder why many industries are looking for proven ways to save on employee health benefits. Since healthy employees cost you less, increase shop productivity, and statistically stay with their current employer longer, why not consider a wellness plan? A company wellness plan…

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Employees Want Flexible Schedules: 3 Ways to Introduce It to Your Shop

Last month, we wrote about millennials and how they will soon dominate the workforce in nearly every industry, including manufacturing. As discussed in that article, if you don’t have a plan to appeal to and manage to the millennial mindset, you could have a tough time replacing retiring workers, filling demand, and growing your business….

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Wood Shops

Take total control of your shop with E2 manufacturing software for wood job shops Wood Shops are a mix between a job shop and a manufacturer and as such have very unique needs.  Some wood shops are solely job based where every job is different.  Those shops will never see the same job again.  Other…

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Assembly Shops

Put it all together and manage your assembly shop using E2 manufacturing software Some assembly shops create large one-of-a-kind structures while others are primarily involved in production runs and just-in-time delivery schedules. Regardless of your type of shop, all assembly shops face the same challenges including competitive bidding and managing tight profit margins. The E2…

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Prototype Shops

Plan for productivity with E2 manufacturing software for prototype job shops Prototype shops are ideal candidates for a comprehensive enterprise-wide software solution. They make prototypes that are often used as part of the product design process to allow engineers and designers the ability to explore design alternatives, test theories and confirm performance prior to starting…

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Sign Shops

Watch profits soar in your sign shop with E2 manufacturing software from Shoptech Sign Shops are a mix between a job shop and a manufacturer and their needs require software that’s very flexible. Some sign shops make custom sign, where every sign is different, never to make the same sign again. Other sign manufacturers are…

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Tool and Die Shops

Boost productivity and profits with manufacturing software for tool and die job shops Tool and die shops make dies, molds, machine tools, cutting tools (such as milling cutters and form tools), gauges, and other tools used in manufacturing processes.  They come in all shape and sizes and have very unique needs. Most tool and die…

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Machine Builders

Manage your job shop and build profit with manufacturing software for machine builders The E2 Shop System from Shoptech simplifies how your run your machine job shop. Machine builders have production issues that many job shops don’t face. They are typically working on very long running projects. They don’t have the luxury of just having…

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Spring Manufacturers

Give your spring job shop a lift with E2 manufacturing software from Shoptech Relieve some management tension in your spring shop using software that drives profit. Whether you’re making flatform springs, compression springs, extension springs, torsion springs or wireform springs; your challenges are very unique. Spring manufacturing has evolved over the years and with it, the…

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Make your metal stamping job shop more profitable with E2 manufacturing software Gain control of every aspect of your job shop using Shoptech’s Shop System software. Stampers commonly deal with blanket orders where their customers are constantly changing quantities and due dates. But that is only half the story when it comes to running a…

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Service Shops

Control your service shop with ease and efficiency with E2 manufacturing software Job shop software from Shoptech is the best management fix for your repair shop. All service shops have one big thing in common: quick turnaround jobs with very little time to waste. Regardless of the kind of service shop you run: grinder, plater,…

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Plastic Injection Molding

Insert efficiencies into your plastics injection job shop with E2 manufacturing software From quotes to quality and everything in between, E2 Shop System helps you manage. In 1868 John Wesley Hyatt became the first to inject hot celluloid into a mold, producing billiard balls. He and his brother Isaiah patented an injection molding machine that…

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Screw Shops

Turn your screw machine shop into a well-oiled machine with E2 manufacturing software Screw machine shops have specific needs that other job shops don’t have. Screw machine definitely need a great estimating system. When you are estimating big quantities, you need your times to be as accurate as possible. Screw shops tend to do a fair…

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Captive Shops

Start managing your captive job shop with Shoptech’s E2 manufacturing software In-house captive shops have similar pressures and customer demands of other job shops. Just because captive shops are located within companies, doesn’t make them immune from the challenges facing independent job shops. Captive shops, whether they’re machine shops, fab shops, tool shops or any…

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Repair Shops

Get big profits for your small business repair shop with E2 manufacturing software Job shop software gives even small and mid-sized shops powerful management tools. Repair shops come in all shapes and sizes. But the one thing they have in common is the need for accurate job costing and tracking. If you are billing out on a…

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