With an ever-discerning eye on the bottom line, more emphasis is being placed on the need for manufacturing entities to exercise frugality in their practices. For this reason, numerous manufacturing enterprises have turned to manufacturing software and scanning technologies to streamline processes and optimize production efficiencies.

Today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications minimize the waste and lapses in productivity that result when most functions within a manufacturing facility are compartmentalized and dependent upon separate systems. From the front office to the shipping dock, ERP solutions integrate all business departments and production activities, facilitating a smooth workflow throughout an operation.

ERP and RFID: teamed up to help you track your success

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has been with us for several decades now. Aside from interacting with RFID just about every time we pass through the checkout line in a store, it is used in a wide array of commercial and production environments primarily for asset management and inventory control purposes.

RFID works by attaching a “readable” label or tag to an item whose information can be immediately extracted by a scanning device and transmitted to a tracking system. When integrated with ERP software, RFID systems help provide a seamless flow in the management and processing of parts and products.

Through the combination of RFID technologies and a robust ERP manufacturing software package, the endeavor of locating and retrieving assets is made timely and efficient. The ability to track those assets in real-time at every stage of the production process creates a cost-effective advantage within any operation. Where solutions are sought to address disorganization and “leaks” in a manufacturing system, ERP and RFID have teamed up to answer the call.