Getting customers to feel warm and fuzzy about their job shop often isn’t on an owner’s radar. However, owners of small shops know how important it is to have great customer service. Providing great customer service will help your customers feel more connected to your shop, which will bring them back when they have other jobs. So how do you get customers to have the warm fuzzies about your job shop? Get ERP software. 

Look Up Past Jobs 

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If your best customer calls and wants a repeat of a job you did years ago for them, how quickly can you find it? Or can you find it at all? With a good ERP system, you can look back at any jobs you’ve done for a customer in the past and tweak them to fit the customer’s current needs. Your customers love this not only because it’s convenient but also because it makes them feel like your shop remembers them and cares about them. People love to feel unique and special, and if your shop can quickly and easily talk about jobs you’ve done for them in the past, they will feel a stronger connection to your shop. 

Job Tracking 

How often do you get calls from customers wondering where in the process their jobs are? If you don’t have ERP software, you have to set down the phone, go out to the shop floor, and physically find their job. This isn’t great on a customer service level because it takes up your customer’s time and doesn’t help them build a warm and fuzzy connection. However, you can find any job on the floor with just a few clicks with ERP software. It takes much less time, and your customers will feel like their job is a priority because you know exactly where it is. 

For a more proactive approach, you can also set up your software to send out emails automatically when a customer’s job reaches a certain point. If you send these emails, your customers don’t even have to call to find out where their job is. They feel like they’re a priority to your shop because you took the time to email them. They don’t have to know how convenient it was for you to set up that email to send out. 

Consistent Quotes 

For some shops, getting a consistent quote is difficult because different people have different ways of coming up with quotes. This can be frustrating for a customer because they’re never sure how much their job will cost. For an owner, this can be frustrating because no two jobs have the same profit margin. You can eliminate this discrepancy with ERP software. Using ERP software to create quotes means having the same process and the same formula every time. Your customers will feel like your shop is more professional if you have this consistency, and you won’t have to worry about keeping the right margins on your jobs. 

Quick Quotes 

ERP software can also make the quoting process much quicker. Don’t waste time juggling numbers and filling out formulas. ERP software knows how much to charge for time on specific machines and for materials. All you have to do is tell the software how to route the job, and it will come up with a quote. You can even choose a different profit margin depending on if it’s a rush job or any other criteria you have. When your shop can turn around quick, professional-looking quotes, you’ll likely win more jobs and start your customers off with a good impression of your shop. 

Send Out Jobs on Time 

Scheduling is the heartbeat of any job shop, but many things can throw off the rhythm. Rush jobs, jobs that take longer than expected, and many other circumstances can throw off the schedule and make you choose between sending out jobs late or asking employees to work overtime. With ERP software, you can manage your schedule much more effectively, allowing you to create a more accurate schedule and making it easy to check if you can take on a rush job. All of this pays off for your customer because they will get their job on time. There’s nothing a customer likes more than getting their job on time and in good condition. 

Quality Control 

Quality control is a hard thing to manage if you cannot see how your shop is doing. The first step to improving anything is tracking it, but if you can’t access or trust your numbers of good parts, how can you make more good parts? If you’re using pen and paper to track which parts are up to spec and which aren’t, how long does it take before folks outside the quality department know where the problems are? 

With ERP software, you can quickly see how many parts are good in real-time. That means that if there are trends in parts that aren’t meeting their standards, you can correct them quickly instead of waiting. If a person needs more training or a machine needs to be tuned up, you can see it right away. Once you fix any problems, your customers will get their jobs more quickly, and you’ll be confident that every part is exactly how they want it. 

A large part of excellent customer service is simply providing good service. However, if you want your customers to think your shop is better than their alternatives, you need to go a step beyond that. ERP software makes all of this possible and easy. With ERP software, you can more easily provide outstanding service and give your customers the warm fuzzies that will make them come back to your shop for their next job. In our customer-oriented world, can you afford not to take the next step? 

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