Job travelers are a list of steps required to complete a job. It’s a simple principle, but it can make a big difference in your job shop. The time saved and confusion prevented make jobs flow much more smoothly. And, as anyone who runs a job shop can tell you, keeping jobs moving smoothly is critical. 


job travelers

When the estimate for a new job goes out, you can include all of the steps it will take. That means that even from the beginning, you know exactly what it will take for your shop to finish that job, so you’ll know how much to charge for it. Then, no matter who quotes it, your shop will have a consistent method to make sure you make a profit. 

Once your shop wins the job, you know where to start. There’s no fumbling around after you win the quote to decide how to route the job. Anyone who looks at the job already knows how to route it, so they can get on with getting it scheduled. 


Scheduling jobs that all have job routers is much easier than guessing how long each job will take. Each job has a clear route through the shop, with estimated times for each step, which means creating a schedule is much easier than trying to juggle all of these numbers in your head. Even easier, your ERP system can use these job travelers to make the schedule for you with the click of a button. Imagine all of your jobs shipping out on time, with plenty of warning for the few that need overtime to make the deadline. 

Once you’ve completed a step in the job, everyone knows where it’s supposed to go next. There’s no time lost to confusion because it’s all on the job traveler. In a job shop, time is money. It’s amazing how much time and money you can save when no one is confused about what to do next. 

Job travelers are incredibly helpful for a shop, and some shops have found they’re even more useful when they’re digital. Using a tablet or a smartphone instead of a piece of paper that can get lost or stepped on has made a big difference to some shops. Whether you use a job traveler as a piece of paper or a digital file, the technology behind them is a huge boon for shops. 

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