Sustainability has become more important, especially this past year. Now, we are seeing it make a big difference in how people perceive companies, especially manufacturers. People are looking for companies that are thinking of the future when they make decisions. At its heart, sustainability is future-proofing your shop. Making your job shop sustainable can give it a boost in multiple ways. 



Most consumers want to buy things sustainably made. A survey from CGS showed that 68% of consumers rate sustainability as crucial and 35% of these consumers would pay 25% more than the original price if it were sustainable. For manufacturers, this means that your customers are probably feeling the pressure to buy parts made sustainably. It may be essential for them to know what your shop is doing to go green. 

Running a sustainable company can also help you attract employees. In a 2019 survey, nearly half of all those surveyed and 75% of millennials said they would take a pay cut to work at a sustainable company. In addition, 30% of respondents said they’d left a job in the past because leadership wasn’t making ecologically sound decisions. Running a sustainable job shop can help you attract more employees and keep the ones you have. In a way, taking care of the environment can make your job shop last in the years to come, both by attracting customers and employees.

Saving Money 

Having a sustainable company can also help your job shop save money. If you’re more efficient with your electricity, your energy bills will shrink. This is also true if you get electricity from alternate sources like solar panels. If you use less water, you could save money on your water bill. For example, if you’re able to cut 5% of the water from your manufacturing processes, that could potentially save your shop gallons of water a day. This is the sweet spot of sustainability for most companies. Leaving a smaller ecological footprint can also leave a smaller footprint financially. Even if your shop is not looking to make big changes, these wins make sense anyway.

Community Impact 

Having a more sustainable job shop can also have a great impact on the local community. As we discussed above, people like taking care of the Earth. If your shop can advertise that it’s sustainable, then folks in the community will appreciate it. It may be easier to partner with other businesses or schools. It can also benefit the health of the community. Many conditions are caused or exacerbated by pollution of various kinds. If your shop can reduce what it puts out, your community and employees will be healthier for it. 

You will have to decide for yourself if the benefits of making your job shop sustainable outweigh the costs. However, it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Simply saving money on resources like water and electricity are clear wins for your shop and the Earth. If you find enough wins like this, you’ll see a significant impact that may make it easier to pursue some of the more significant changes in making your shop sustainable.

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