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6 ERP Software Basics Your Job Shop Needs

manufacturer using ERP software

Choosing the right ERP software should maximize the efficiency and productivity of every functional area of your business. In a crowded ERP solution marketplace with confusing messages, it takes a methodical approach to match the right solution to your business. This involves clearly defining your purpose, assessing your business requirements, and having qualitative and quantitative objectives. It requires an…

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Why Great Accounting Is Critical to Your Job Shop

Accounting tools in the grass

Accounting is how you know if your job shop is doing well or not. And it’s about more than whether you’re making money. Accounting gives you a look into how your shop is doing, provided you have the in-depth reporting to tell you.  Decision-making  If you have accurate, real-time accounting data, you can make better decisions for your shop….

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3 Ways Customers Can Market Your Job Shop

customers marketing

Marketing can be complicated, and most people who run a job shop don’t have lots of time to spend on it. Let your customers market your job shop! Potential customers are more likely to trust customer reviews than advertising. Some of the best ways to have customers do the marketing for your job shop are word of mouth,…

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Four Questions to Help Your Shop Buy the Right ERP System

questions for your shop

Buying an ERP system isn’t something you can do quickly if you want to get a good fit. It’s a process. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time. Below are four questions you can ask to help search more effectively.  What does your shop need?  You can’t buy the right software if you don’t know what your shop’s needs…

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How Has Manufacturing Changed over the Last Year?

manufacturing calendar

Manufacturers have been improving their processes since they first existed. However, manufacturers have never needed to improve as quickly as they have over the past year. The pandemic changed many things for our world, but manufacturing was one of the industries that was hit first. Many of those changes will likely stay even after COVID-19 cases drop to…

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How ERP Software Improves Customer Service

customer service

Getting customers to feel warm and fuzzy about their job shop often isn’t on an owner’s radar. However, owners of small shops know how important it is to have great customer service. Providing great customer service will help your customers feel more connected to your shop, which will bring them back when they have other jobs. So how…

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5 Ways to Empower Employee Decision-Making

empower your employees

Managing people can be rewarding but challenging. In a job shop, it’s one of the roles that just happens. You may have started your own shop and gradually started hiring or moved up in the company you worked for because you were doing a great job. Now, you have people reporting to you with little training on how to…

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How Job Travelers Help Your Job Shop

job travelers

Job travelers are a list of steps required to complete a job. It’s a simple principle, but it can make a big difference in your job shop. The time saved and confusion prevented make jobs flow much more smoothly. And, as anyone who runs a job shop can tell you, keeping jobs moving smoothly is critical.  Routing  When the estimate for…

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5 Website Design Mistakes Job Shops Must Correct in 2021

website design

If you’re going to take the time to make a website for your job shop, it should look great. Ideally, it will have an attractive theme, powerful images, and compelling content. It should be generating the traffic and leads you envisioned when you created or designed it. As a growing business in 2021, the last…

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5 Ways to Ensure Your Employees Use Your ERP Software

new ERP software

Choosing new ERP software can be a long process, and after you’ve chosen your software, you want to make sure your employees use it. Even if you’ve picked the right software for your shop, you may end up not using that software you spent so long picking out if you don’t have a plan. Read below for our list…

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How Performance Management Can Help Your Job Shop

performance management

What is Performance Management?  Performance management is a process of making sure that a set of activities meet a company’s goals effectively and efficiently. Performance management can apply to an entire company, a department, an employee, or even a process. Essentially, it’s making sure that your company or employees meet their goals in the most efficient way possible. In manufacturing, your goals may be increasing the number of orders…

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Unusual Ways Training Is Important in Your Job Shop

training your employees

Training is critical in a job shop, especially for employees on the shop floor. However, training isn’t just about meeting OSHA requirements, although those are critical. Training can make your shop more efficient and keep your best employees from looking for work elsewhere.  Efficiency in Your Job Shop  Training your employees to meet quality control standards…

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How Sustainability Can Help Your Job Shop


Sustainability has become more important, especially this past year. Now, we are seeing it make a big difference in how people perceive companies, especially manufacturers. People are looking for companies that are thinking of the future when they make decisions. At its heart, sustainability is future-proofing your shop. Making your job shop sustainable can give it a boost in multiple ways.  Reputation  Most consumers…

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4 Easy Ways to Market Your Job Shop

market your job shop

Marketing your job shop is crucial. How else will you get new customers? But it can be time-consuming, and if you’re already running a job shop, you don’t have time to try every marketing craze. Below are four easy things your shop can start doing today to market more effectively and bring in more customers. …

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3 Reasons The Next Generation Doesn’t Take over a Family Business

family business

Family businesses are great, but there’s pressure to pass them along to the next generation. And there are many reasons that these businesses don’t get passed along. Even if you’re not planning to leave the family business for several years, it can be helpful to start thinking about your exit strategy now and look at the potential…

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How Preparing for ERP Software Can Help Your Shop

preparing for ERP software

ERP software can make a huge difference in a shop by raising the bottom line, increasing productivity, improving quality, and many other things. However, ERP software can also help a shop before it’s even implemented. ERP software can help your shop, but it tends to magnify whatever already exists. So, to get the biggest impact…

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How Diverse Employees Help Your Job Shop


Many people are familiar with the phrase, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” The same is true with the makeup of your workplace. If all your employees have the same general experiences, your shop will keep running in about the same way. If you want to…

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Customer Success vs. Customer Support in Manufacturing

customer success

One of a job shop’s greatest resources is its customers. You may have heard that for most places, 20% of your customers provide 80% of the work. Couple that with the difficulty and expense of getting new customers, and it becomes obvious that keeping your customers happy is important. But what’s the best way to keep them happy? One of the…

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Make Employee Performance Management Easier in the Job Shop

employee performance

One of the greatest resources of any job shop is its employees. You wouldn’t be able to finish any jobs without them. So, just like any resource, you want to manage it well. Making sure your employees know what to do is the easy part. Employee performance management is the hard part. You may have a gut…

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4 Great Things ERP Software Can Do for Your Job Shop

job shop

If you’re considering ERP software, whether you’re looking to change vendors or buy your first system, it’s helpful to think about what it should do for your shop. What will make a particular ERP system a good fit for your job shop? The four points below are a great place to start.  Helps You Get Your Job…

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How to Get Answers to Your Job Shop’s Business Questions

business questions

Getting answers to your business questions doesn’t have to be hard. All you need is good ERP software. It can keep your shop organized and make finding information a breeze. If you’re using spreadsheets or not using software at all, you could make a dramatic difference in your shop just by implementing an ERP; slash the time and effort…

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Spring into Efficiency with These 4 Tips

efficient spring cleaning

Spring is often the time we start cleaning out homes and making them look nice. This spring, consider cleaning up your shop’s operations and making them more efficient. Below are four tips to help you.  Track Important Data  To make your shop more efficient, you have to determine how you’re going to measure that. Do you want to send out more…

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Customer Success: How Data Collection Helped Two Shops

data collection

Data collection is often an unsung hero of ERP software, but it’s what we build everything else on. Putting good data into your ERP system means getting good information out. First Tool Corporation and Rapid Design Group both saw first-hand what data collection could do for their shops.  First Tool Corporation  First Tool Corporation has seen some great changes from data collection….

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Paycheck Protection Program from the SBA: What Your Shop Needs to Know

paycheck protection program

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) provides loans to businesses during the COVID-19 crisis to keep people employed. The government can forgive some of these loans, giving these small businesses a leg up during this unexpected, global event. Your shop may qualify for a PPP loan, even if you’ve already gotten one. Check out the PPP section of the SBA…

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