All the information you need anywhere you need it.

What would your shop’s productivity look like if everyone had quick access to the information they needed? Executives would be able to make informed decisions on the fly. Managers would be able to organize jobs while out on the shop floor. Team members would be able to perform everyday functions without the need to go back through piles of paperwork to double check the orders. With just a couple clicks on a tablet or phone, you could transform the productivity of your shop.

That’s the power of the E2 Mobile Shop Suite. It offers all of the robust features of traditional E2 Software in a mobile-friendly package. With accessible dashboards, mobile responsive design, and intuitive navigation, you and your team members will get the hang of it in no time. All you need are mobile devices and an internet connection.

Mobile Shop Suite breaks down into two parts: E2 Mobile Shop and WebView. These features ensure that everyone has access to all of the information necessary for them to get the job done. Let’s take a closer look at each module.