Advanced Machine – E2 machine shop software gets the job done for milling and grinding job shop

About Advanced Machine

Advanced Machine President John Bauman knows that owning your own business is risky, but it is not without reward. In 1999, he left his old job and with his two partners started Advanced Machine Inc, specializing in CNC turning, milling, and grinding. Their plan was to run the shop as efficiently as possible, diversify both their product and customer base, while growing their business. To date, Advanced Machine has accomplished all of these goals. Where other similar shops have failed, Advanced Machine now serves as a model for other businesses in the Rochester area.

“Our accountant loves the E2 Shop System. On January 1st, we just push a button to close the year – no waiting until April tax time, like other companies.”-John Bauman,
Advanced Machine Inc.

Why Did Advanced Machine Chose E2?

Stick with what works. This is an old adage, but was sound advice for John Bauman in his search for new shop software. He had used E2 at his old shop, and it was his first choice to equip his new one as well. To be thorough, he did compare a number of packages, and his search confirmed his initial inclination. As a new business, Advanced Machine needed software for everything – accounting,purchasing and quality control. Based on both previous experience and current research John and his business partners Frank DeMario and Dana Byron quickly realized E2 was just what they needed – a system that could handle all of their needs, yet fit the budget of a fledgling company.

The Results … So Far:

E2 has proven to be the right choice for Advanced Machine. John Bauman says, “It handles everything we do.” From RFQ’s through the estimating process and from quality control to invoicing, Advanced Machining uses E2 for everything. John likes how E2 keeps his business organized, giving him an edge on many of his competitors, who are still mired in old-fashioned paperwork. He never misses sending an invoice, and can constantly monitor how his business is doing. “In business, you better know what you’re doing, and E2 is huge in helping us from tax time right through to job costing.”

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