Kimberly Machine – The E2 Shop System helps machine shop improve their shop efficiencies, run lean, and look great

About Kimberly Machine

Kimberly Machine Manager Kary Larsen prides himself on becoming one of the first E2 users on the west coast.

E2 manufacturing software was able to improve not only our paperwork, but also our job costing. Now we’re accurate down to the penny, instead of having to rely on ball-park figures and rounded hours.” 

-Dan Parkhurst,
Guthrie Machine Works

Why did Kimberly Machine Choose E2?

In order to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or services, Kary Larsen sought to reduce the hundreds of man hours he wasted by manually entering job tracking information, shipping documents, and even typing shipping labels. His antiquated software could not handle the improvements he needed to make, so he looked for a system that could. Kary’s requirements were simple, but direct: Make the shop run leaner and more efficiently; cut the waste and give us a more professional look.”

The Results… So Far

E2 has helped Kimberly Machine so much over the past three years that Kary Larsen has about earned himself a place on our sales staff! Beyond saving countless man hours by automating job tracking, shipping and job costing, E2 has given Kimberly Machine the professional look it needed to shine in the highly competitive machining industry. Additional thanks go to Shoptech’s technical support staff, which Kary calls “the best I’ve ever dealt with.”

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