Senga Engineering – Machine shop software from Shoptech gets job shop up and running fast

About Senga Engineering

Senga Engineering, founded in 1979, is a privately held company located in Santa Ana, California. Originally the company was established as a machine shop specializing in the production of metal and plastic components for the connector industry. Today Senga Engineering is a world-class provider of precision-machined components to a broad range of companies and industries. Over the years, Senga has worked with many of the world’s major manufacturers and systems integrators as a second and third tier supplier supporting requirements from Aerospace to Automotive.

“Reduced lead time and fast response are critical in this industry. E2 has enabled us to provide quotes in less time, begin to better schedule the shop capacity, and track the jobs on the floor – all of which are enabling us to reduce our lead time to our customer.”-Mike Irion,
Senga Engineering

Why did Senga Engineering Choose E2?

To be a world-class manufacturing operation, you need world-class performance. Senga President Roy Jones recognized that fact, and knew that his old DOS-based shop management system was not up to the task. The old software did not allow visibility into his shop operations, could not centralize his information, and was keeping him from getting jobs out the door on time. After researching a number of systems, Senga found a good fit with E2. The system was easy to use, yet had all of the capabilities Senga needed, and did not require a massive organizational change to implement it.

The Results… So Far

A few months after purchase, Senga Engineering was up and running with E2, and Roy Jones is pleased with the results. An integrated manufacturing system has greatly reduced the time required to quote, then enter an order; and has made the accounting process much simpler and more efficient. Job tracking on the shop floor is much easier, and Senga is getting ready to automate its manual performance tracking procedures with E2 Data Collection. All in all, the improvements to time and efficiency have given Senga Engineering the competitive edge it needs to assure the company’s continued growth and success.

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