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Get the flexibility to adjust to changing customer needs

Before starting the foam fabricating process, fabricators must consider several factors to create the right product for their customer. foam shopsThese factors include the type of material they will use, the specific fabricating process, shape, thickness, and other standard requirements. By adjusting these factors, foam fabricators can create a variety of custom foam products according to customer specifications.


Don’t let excess foam scraps go to waste

  • Keep custom foam orders organized with E2 order entry. Job numbers are automatically assigned when you enter an order and you can allocate the necessary materials to a job at this point as well.
  • Generate material usage reports as well as financial and manufacturing reports to track your shops’ growth.
  • Many foam fabricators often recycle and reuse scraps from previous jobs. Track your inventory of scrap foam and easily move materials between jobs on the shop floor with E2 inventory.

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