Plastic Manufacturing

Eliminate wasted time and materials with E2 Manufacturing Software.

Get a real-time picture of inventory in the shop

Plastic is one of the most common materials used for manufacturing Plastic Manufacturingproducts. When the shop gets busy, it can be easy to lose track of the inventory you need for future jobs. E2 will prevent a slowdown in your production process because of low inventory levels. The ERP software will also send alerts when you need to re-order materials to stock for production requirements.

Transparency into your shop’s schedule eliminates risk of missing due dates

  • Scheduling is important with plastic manufacturing due to the varying timelines of different jobs. E2 Scheduling helps organize your schedule and make sure all jobs will be finished on time for customers.
  • No more planning your inventory on spreadsheets, E2 will track inventory locations and lot numbers for you.
  • E2 Quality helps prevent burned parts, deformities, surface imperfections, etc. with regular testing and calibration of machines.

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