Implementation Specialist

Implementation-services-manufacturing-softwareWe realize that switching to a new shop management system is a daunting task.  Some people are hesitant to change and just need a little extra hand holding during the implementation period.  With this in mind, we assign an Implementation Specialist to every new customer.

The implementation specialist’s sole responsibility is to get you up and running on JobBOSS2 or M1 as quickly as possible.  Think of JobBOSS2 and M1 as the treadmill that you just purchased and the Implementation Specialist as your personal trainer.  They will be with you every step of the way during the first six months of implementation.  The Implementation Specialist helps to coordinate your entire implementation from installing the software, converting data, setting up custom reports and all of your training resources.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s time to jump on the treadmill and get your shop in tip-top shape!

Onsite Consulting

ECI consultants provide a variety of services to help customers fully integrate the business management system into their business processes. Your consultant can assist with the implementation and use of the software by evaluating your business and helping match the software’s capabilities with your company’s operations. Identifying procedural issues, process improvement, and the correct business/paperwork flow allows you to take full advantage of JobBOSS2 and M1’s capabilities, giving you the full benefit of the software’s potential.

On-Site consultation at your shop is tailored specifically to your needs. Your consultant works closely with you to identify issues to be addressed and will contact you to develop your meeting agenda and set the time when it’s most convenient for your shop to have someone working with your staff. We use your data in your own environment. You have virtually no downtime since employees don’t have to miss day-to-day responsibilities.

The Consulting team has over 60 years of manufacturing, consulting, and training experience and offers the following services:

  • Initial Audit for Implementation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Setting Procedures to best fit your business
  • Audit Services to Review Procedures
  • Process Improvement
  • Advanced Implementation (Continued Education)

“Once we went through our on-site training, we were up and running in three weeks!”
Don Rivers, E.R.W., Inc.

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