Diversatech Plastics Case Study

Plan for productivity with E2 manufacturing software for plastic injection molding shops

About Diversatech Plastics

Founded as Brockton Sole & Plastics in 1954 as a plastics molder serving the shoe industry, Diversatech Plastics changed its path, now concentrating on custom molded plastics for the automotive, and consumer markets.  The mission of Diversatech Plastics is a simple, yet powerful one: “To become a leading supplier of injection molded plastic components … trying to do better, never being satisfied.”

“E2 is great! It is easy to use and easy to learn.  We were able to get it up and running very quickly and easily.”
-Shane Honea, Diversatech Plastics

Why did Diversatech Plastics Choose E2?

In 2003, Diversatech made the decision to bring all of its accounting functions in-house, rather than use an outside service.  The software that the company was using at the time did not have the functionality to handle the job, so MIS Director and Production Coordinator Shane Honea undertook the job of evaluating 15 software packages before choosing E2 job shop software for plastic injection molding.  The reasons? According to Shane, E2 offered the best value for his budget, providing start to finish tracking of both his shop operations and his accounting tasks.  In addition, Shane found E2 to be quite easy to navigate, which kept his transition time to a minimum.

The Results… So Far

E2 is up and running at Diversatech, and the most noticeable improvement is in accountability.  Shane Honea is now better able to track machine load, job costs and shop time usage with much greater accuracy.  E2’s comprehensive reporting capabilities give Shane instant access to all of his shop information, from time tickets to scrap rates, allowing him to keep a much closer control on his costs.  In addition, Shane says that he has been very pleased with E2 Technical Support.  “We were able to work quickly through some of the start-up issues we had – they are always helpful.”

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