DP West Plastic Machine Shop Case Study

How DP West Plastic Leverages E2 to Maximize Efficiency and Quality

About DP West Plastic

DP West had a big problem on their hands. The machine shop based in Enumclaw, WA, had just purchased Shoptech’s E2 system months earlier, and the leadership team was excited about how the software could help the shop improve its processes, including quoting, scheduling, ordering, inventory management, and more.
Since DP West was previously using an external accountant to manage the company’s QuickBooks, they were also handling that platform’s integration into the E2 system. The E2 Shop System has earned the Gold Developer distinction, meaning it has met the highest and most rigorous standards for QuickBooks integration. That’s just one of the many reasons DP West chose E2. Now to get the two systems working together had to be completed.
The external source working on this project wasn’t having success at first. “It was frustrating because we knew what E2 could do for our shop,” said Kasey Kohler, DP West’s lead engineer. One call to Shoptech’s support desk changed everything. A Shoptech service rep was able to work through the process over the phone. However, there were a few items that still proved difficult to tackle for DP West’s “person in charge.”
DP West was then connected with Alicia, a member of the Shoptech implementation team. Within a short period of time, Alicia was on site at DP West, setting them on their path to success. DP West planned on using E2 to manage estimating, scheduling, purchasing, data collection, and more. Before they could do any of that, though, they had to get it fully integrated with QuickBooks.
Alicia and the DP West team brought the integration back in-house. Within a few short days, E2 was fully integrated with the shop’s QuickBooks platform, allowing DP West to prepare for deploying the other software modules.


“After working with Alicia, I saw how simple integration is,” Kasey added. “We just had the process delegated to our accountant, who probably wasn’t experienced with that kind of work. With the integration in place, we are excited about the amount of time we’ll save and how easy the process will be to use QuickBooks with our E2 Shop System.”


DP West is a plastic machining shop, specializing in conveyor components for a wide range of industries, including food processing, manufacturing, lumber, and more. Prior to using E2, the shop relied on a series of spreadsheets and handwritten notes. Scheduling was done via manually writing the time on papers attached to each work order.
Now the shop is preparing to fully launch E2, and they’re optimistic about the software’s impact. Said Kasey, “It’s already changed the way we think about our business. Before we would estimate without fully considering all the time involved, like the setup. Now, since we know that information will be tracked, we’re more cognizant of it. The same is true with inventory, ordering, etc. We’re really being more careful and disciplined in the way we look at our processes.”
Implementation can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At Shoptech, our goal is to get E2 implemented quickly and without complication, so you can start using it to maximize productivity and boost your bottom line. As DP West learned, it only takes one call to Shoptech to get any issue resolved.

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