Iafrate Machine Works Case Study

E2 machine shop software allows shop owners to focus on continuous process improvement

About Iafrate Machine Works

Iafrate Machine Works is anything but a typical machine shop. Since 1976, the company has grown into “a state of the art facility” specializing in machining for custom and production, but also offering tool, die, and fabrication. From the beginning, the IMW mission has been to “offer our customers outstanding service, support and the latest in dynamic machining resources committed to customer satisfaction.” Their diverse products and machining processes, designed especially to fit the customers needs, have made IMW one of the leaders in the manufacturing industries in North America.


Real time data on a daily basis has given us the opportunity to view the shop floor at a glance and effectively control all aspects of shop activity and better manage profits.”
-Bruno Iafrate, Iafrate Machine Works


Why did Iafrate Machine works Choose E2?

IMW began their new search for manufacturing software in 2005. Senior management decided to do an extensive search for a new software program that would meet their needs, as the company continued to grow, but also have flexibility required for running a custom operation, something the existing system was missing.
After an extensive search for what met their need, IMW chose E2. “E2 provided us with the flexibility to set and run production quantities, custom prototype work, tool and die and fabricating work all within the same software package. Whether the job required multiple workstations or multi-layered machining and assembly, we found E2 extremely user-friendly and easy to set up work orders and shop travelers,” says Bruno Iafrate, Control Manager and owner.

The Results… So Far

Since purchasing the E2 machine shop software system, IMW has incorporated a full shop floor control, bar coding and wireless data collection directly from the shop floor. With a facility currently at 60,000 square feet, runs a 24-hour operation; ensuring customer requirements are met on a timely basis. “Real time data on a daily basis has given us the opportunity to view the shop floor at a glance and effectively control all aspects of shop activity and better manage profits,” says Bruno.
When asked about the struggles of learning a new system, Bruno responded, “We found the software very easy to learn and use giving us the opportunity to concentrate on continuous improvement on the shop floor.” Bruno Iafrate later went on to add that he would recommend shops of any size to check out E2 job shop software and see the benefits they would receive with the implementation of the E2 system.

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